Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Guessing game number four

No hints, do your worst. Place name please.

Kitty Litter Cake

It looked too real...couldn't...just couldn't.....

Happy Halloween

Today many of the "associates" at CVH dressed UP. Johnny Depp made an appearance by our IT guy, cutlass and all. Should have seen him with the soul patch, going "Aye" and "Arggh".

For lunch we had Pumpkin stew. Beef stew served in a hollowed out pumpkin, biscuits on the side. Various salads; hair ball salad, gobs of quacamole on shredded carrots. Red and blue jello with gummy worms ... and most disgusting of all...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

guessing game number three

All right then, I remembered to save these images with non location identifiers. Use your fiendishly clever intellect to tell me where this place is located. Do it soon, my short term memory really sucks. Just the country please, I have already forgotten the name of the city..jeez.

Monday, October 29, 2007


I actually googled the equation that describes parallel universes but I couldn't post it because it is TWENTY SEVEN pages of mathematical computation. And the cosmologists are still arguing about whether there are 9 or 11 dimensions AND the good folks are proposing the M theory. M stands for membrane. Membranes size is infinitely long and infinitely small. They think the big bang happened when two membranes collided. And they have math to prove that! And I forgot that all of this was in an effort to make Einstein's unified field theory work. There was an interesting little side bar at this web site. There was a lively discussion regarding how proud we are to be innumerate. Um,that means we are happy to be numerically ignorant. I think that thinking of complicated numbers can make you sleepy, so no wonder it takes 27 pages to describe parallel universes, they keep falling asleep.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Empty shelves

The local used book store here in Coquille, "The Book Nook" has changed owners. The doors are locked, there are several bags of books huddled in the doorway hopeful of being taken in off the street. I wish I had known June Johnson wanted to "retire" I might have grabbed the chance to sit on mine bottom and sell used books. She had a nice collection of stuff for sale in the windows as well. I purchased a lovely old library table with hide-away-leaf from the Book Nook, it is cherry and would look terrific restored, but is now home to many many plants in the dining room. Anyway to backtrack to the store closing. This has been my main book fix ever since I worked my way through the library. Dang! I'm going into book withdrawal. I look at my shelves of books and glance at a title and think how many times have I read this one? I would write my own but what's the fun of that!? If I had a book store I think I would specialize in making hand bound books, one of a kind, leather, I would like to experiment with making my own paper as well. What a swell way to recycle all those catalogs!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

contest based on White Noise' blog

I have become intriqued with the geo-guessing game provided by White Noise. So I am going to give it a whirl. There are two components; a picture and a flag. I shall try to make this as obscure as possible and bear in mind I am using documents from the internet, I have no idea how genuine they are. So where is it ?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Ah me, it's early Wednesday morning, 2:36 a.m. actually. I am wide awake!!! Reading books did not put me under, worrying about work, relationships, life in general is not keeping me up. Maybe I went to bed too early because there is nothing on TV. Yes, I am not a sports fan, well perhaps the occasional Sumo tournament. There are sleeping remedies out there, I can't stand warm milk unless it is liberally laced with cocoa. I have no medicines other than a scummy bottle of a powerful cold medicine...I have to screw my courage to the sticking point to even drink the stuff when I have suffered long enough. It is overcast here on the southern Oregon coast, can't see the stars. We are having warm October weather, Indian Summer without the frost first and it is humid and no breeze. Perhaps the fan on low, a gentle breeze gnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Food Glorious Food

I have dreams. Sometimes I remember them. I awoke this morning having dreamt that I was shopping. Someone was busy stocking the shelves or freezer section with popsicles that were half a frozen banana in strawberry juice. I found a box of those and put in my basket. Then I spotted some packaged Thai Chicken Skewers with rice etc and took a couple packages of those.

So I went to my dream interpretation site and here is what is says about food etc.

To see food in your dream, represents physical and emotional nourishment and energies. The different types of food can symbolize a wide range of things. Generally, fruit is symbolic of sensuality. Frozen foods may imply your cold emotions and frigid ways. Todream that you are shopping for food and groceries, signifies your hidden attempt to buy the attention of others.


Monday, October 22, 2007

where the heck is THIS!?

Will everyone I know please go visit White Noise and look for his latest GEO thing? It's about five blogs down by now and I am the only wrong guess so far. And in that vein, take a guess where this airport is locate?

Sunday, October 21, 2007


This is a picture of MRSA. Methacilllin Resistant Staph Aureus. That means the bug is resistant to MOST ANTIBIOTICS...and the ONE antibiotic that does work takes a very long time. You must use standard precautions these days. Cases are popping up in the local school system, unheard of a couple of years ago. Wash your hands, use hot water and soap and sing 'Happy Birthday" to get the amount of time correct to kill the bugs. Do not share personal items with ANYONE.
Go wash your hands now.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I went to my optometrist today ...yes I realize it was a SATURDAY...but they hold a Saturday clinic once a month. This all began because I scratched my cornea on 9-21-07 and had double vision for a couple weeks out of my right eye AND I hadn't been to see them in four years.
Good news is that my retina's are fine thank you very much, the prescription hasn't changed that much so I'm good for another year. Only had to pay the ten dollar co-pay and I was OUTTA there. Felt so good I went shopping for the makin's for turkey and stuffing. No whole turkeys on sale anywhere in town, so I settled for five slices in gravy, nuke 4 minutes pour over top of finished stuffing dish up with a portion of three bean salad and supper's READY!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Picture this; it was a dark and rainy night, suddenly, right in the middle of "Survivor China" the power went out. Rats! Last time power went out it was for 24 hours!! Where did I put the flash light, where are the damn candles!! So trudged up to bed, dug out my high intensity book reading light. The light works well but does not cover a full page. Ahem, stay on track okay? Right. I lay there reading and a rather large sounding truck pulled up in the street. rumble, rumble, grind, grind, flashy lights, flashy lights. Hmmm. Got up and peered out between the blinds and the guy in his rain coat got into the bucket and raised it up and I swear to God this is what happened. He took out a long pole and tapped on something, there was a flash and the lights came back on!!!! He folded up his bucket truck and left the immediate area. Well if I had any idea it was THAT easy.......

bowling alley

A little birdie tells me that the bowling alley in Emmett will be closing soon: 1) it is losing money 2) it is being sold for a strip mall. The name of the place is the Cherry Bowl. I foolishly Goggled this name seeking a picture....Hah! You would be astounded at the number and variety of porn sites with the name "Cherry" incorporated into the site name. Stupid me.

The Cherry Bowl has been around for several decades, it has been the winter scene of many tournaments and leagues and just lots of plain good old fashioned fun. The restaurant there has been a breakfast place for years, pretty darn good biscuits and gravy. I actually joined a bowling team with my Mother, sister-in-law and one other poor soul one winter. It was a painful experience as we would invariably be teamed against the killer team who sneered at scores of anything less than 275 per game. I had even gone so far as to own a bowling ball and shoes. I was mostly happy if my ball stayed out of the gutter. There is something to be said for such gathering places and in this case,the less said the better. Maybe the new strip mall will have a tatoo parlor,a dog grooming palace and a dollar store. What riches!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

OOOOOOOOH. Look a lap desk and a lap desk holder!!! Dear Santa. I have been a very good girl this year. I only wish to have something write upon and something to store it in. Thank you for a pencil and pencil sharpener last year. Love, your friend, Royce. PS: Please hurry, before run out of lap.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Current Events

I found "wait wait..don't tell me!" at WKSU and isn on about 10 a.m. here in deepest darkest southern Oregon the internet. For those of you who have more or less given up on newspapers and commercial radio, this show is a very witty recap of World/National news. They have guest panelists, call in participants, and EVERYone has a great deal of fun. Now, this program is not news to long time NPR listeners but to the great unwashed masses out there, please give this a shot with your morning coffee. The great thing is that you can go to the site (Just Google for crying in a bucket) and you can re-run shows any time, any day for ever if you wish. Let me know what you thing about "Wait, wait..."

Friday, October 12, 2007

Minor Blogging Complaint:

I have been intriqued by the "Next Blog" tab up above; sometimes I get a cool blog, other times I get an irritating pop porn site which I find beyond irritating. Just bitchin'......I'm cool.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Co-worker scurried into the department this morning saying, "The candy man is here!". It has been a few months since this enterprising young man last visited CVH. He sells produce from Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co. Salem, Oregon 97303. Soon everyone was buzzing around his cart. I purchased some Veggie Chips. Ingredients Sweet Potato, Squash, Carrot, Taro, Green Bean, a touch of sea salt. The picture really does look like this. I was thinking the green beans would be great in a Bloody Mary. I would probably run out of green bean long before the Mary. Delish!! Cost? $4.25. He takes checks. Isn't that cute? Oh yes, the Taro is actually quite pleasant. Made it home with about half a bag left. What did you snack on today?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

S.M. Stirling has written a sequel to the trilogy which began with "Dies the Fire", "The Protectors War" and "A Meeting In Corvallis". It is 12 years after Corvallis and Rudy and company are going cross country to see what's up with Nantucket. Or so I have read. I haven't purchased the book yet and I may. I was sort of hoping the author would flip flop the Universal Laws back to normal so the poor bewildered survivors could start all over again....sigh....

Friday, October 5, 2007

Dragon Riders of Pern

The picture is of Ruth the only white dragon ever shelled on Pern. The first book is all about the Dragon Riders and how theLords of Pern disdain their usefulness because thread has not fallen in over 250 years. There is only one Queen dragon left and she has laid a clutch with one golden Queen egg. Their story is of how Lessa is found on search and impressed by Ramoth at the hatching. I love these books, the author, Anne McCaffery, has written of a group of people migrating away from Earth to get back to their roots technologically speaking and they do that with a vengence.
Oh how I wish I had about 200million dollars to persuade either Lucas Films or Pixar to produce the first book into a film, I think either one of these studios could do justice to the dragons. And if the public passion for dragons has passed, this film would bring it back and the phenomenon would be bigger than Harry Potter.
Do you have a favorite book that you wish you could see produced into a film without being ruined by the general hackery of Hollywood? Please share.
PS: I would love to see Wynona Ryder as Lessa....or maybe Moreta. Tough decision.

Rereading books

I love reading books, one of my first books was "The Bobbsey Twins". Bert,Nan, Sally and Fred. Two sets of twins. Bert and Nan were the oldest. They had all sorts of rather gentle adventures. I remember one where they took a trip to Mexico and Bert was challenged to taste and name the ingredients of what MUST have been mole'.

I read so much as a child that in middle school I was actually banned from the school library until my grades improved. What a shocker that was. No more Glenn Balch, no Nancy Drew, no Hardy Boys.

Later on I got a City library card and the future was brilliant. The old library had a basement and I loved the place.

So, do you have a favorite book you have read so much that if interrupted ,with no page marker, you can pick up and resume at the same spot?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Imagine immediate superior dashing into your office in a similar outfit and exclaiming, "Guys, I have to tell you something. I sat through the whole department head meeting with my dress inside out!" What!? She didn't notice it until another member of the meeting asked her if she meant to wear her dress to work inside out. Immediately we started sharing similar ward robe malfunctions. Mine was that I spent the day at work with my pants on inside out, I didn't notice until I glanced down and noticed that the permanent crease was on the inside of the pant leg rather than outside. Okay then 'fess up folks. What have you blithely worn inside out until you or some other kind fashion police like soul pointed it out to you? Recycling unwashed laundry from college does not count.

Had soup for lunch. Broccoli soup, a thick sturdy glue like texture, with the added delight of canned mushrooms. I fished out the mushrooms, added a bit of 2% milk to thin, a pinch more salt and pepper and re-heated in nuk-o-matic. Not bad, with a side of egg salad sandwich eaten in lettuce leaves. Surprisingly tasty. Dessert was a small dish of Rocky Road ice cream. All for the astounding cost of 80 cents. That has been company policy for over ten years, it is an inducement to keep the employees on campus during lunch hour. What an agonizing trade off, do I lose my parking space to run away for lunch or take the lunch room risk? Decisions, decisions. What did you have for lunch today?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Let's discuss fast food.

Been eating it for years. Have relied upon Scottish fast food for shakes and fries and clean toilets whilst traveling since the 1960's. However I recently had a chance to taste test Karls Sr Teriyaki Burger in Unnamed City, Oregon. Karls is new just opened across the street from the Scottish place and a gas station near I-5. Strolled in, perused menu, eager counter people queried my wishes and I opted for the above mentioned meal which came with fries and drink.

The nice wait person trotted out with the meal and wished me happy happy. The fries were nice and hot, the drink was adequate. The burger consisted of the famous flame broiled patty of protein like matter, fresh very cold buns, tomato, lettuce, onion, slice of pineapple and smear of Teriyaki sauce. The patty was cool and tasteless. A wait person hustled by and asked my opinion, I replied,"Um, isn't there a certain temperature that food has to be before it is served to the customer?". Wait Person seemed worried that I had made comment and allowed that she did't know how hot it had to be but that it was cooked on a long broiler device. I went on to add that the burger was to cool to eat. She looked worried but clearly did not know how to deal with a customer who was clearly not purchasing further items in future.

So my question is this, how many foodies out there in the blogosphere have eaten at Karls Sr and was their experience any better than this? I am beginning to be of the opinion that the commercials are much more delicious than the actual food. Lemme know, 'kay?