Friday, October 13, 2017


I received my Amazon order of various Christmas cards.  Then I got to thinking, why I think I ordered some cards a few months ago. So I searched the roll top and sure enough I had several squirreled away. Note to self, put them all in the same place.

Also the other day when I went shopping at Safeway in North bend I purchased two gigantic bottles of calcium pills.  Tim dragged out a big baggie  with two largish bottles of calcium from storage. 

Well crap! I'm turning into Mom.  When we cleaned out her apartment we took all her extra unopened bottles of lotion and shampoo to the local long term care facility. It's going to be bad enough, I have 3000 plus books that need to be sold, given away, burned. Libraries get rid of books all the time. They won't want this collection as many of the books are over 20 years old.

Another worry is that when I die, husband will continue to hoard.  You think we have enough paper product now? Just wait! 

Sunday, October 8, 2017


With apologies to Queen.   Gale wrote on her blog that she wanted this done at her funeral.  I have seized the day and cabbaged lyrics, tune is unabashedly Queen, but it is doubtful this will ever get sung. 

"We Will Miss You".

CLAP CLAP (stomp)
CLAP CLAP (stomp)
CLAP CLAP (stomp)
CLAP CLAP (stomp)

Baby you're a girl, make a big noise playing in the yard gonna be a beauty some day. You have stuff on yo' face, flashing your smile all over the place. 

Baby you're a young girl, smart girl. Shoutin' in the road, gonna take on the world one day. You got pride on your face, you won the race, wavin' diplomas all over the place. 

Baby you're an old lady so we're told, you made your peace, it made you bold. You got love on your face, amazing grace. We'll all help you to the better place. 

If Weird Al gets ahold of this.....

Friday, October 6, 2017

More stuff that rhymes but will never be matched up with a tune...ever...

I do not possess an advanced degree in English. However, I have come to appreciate some forms of poetry. I really like Haiku. There is something very satisfying about squeezing something beautiful regarding man and nature into three lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables and again 5 syllables. My Haiku tends to be sarcastic and at times darkly humorous. Haven't written any in a very long time. Wait, I forgot that an Alaska friend posted a picture of her black cat, Elmyra, gazing fixedly outside to the leaves in the back yard. She challenged everyone to write a caption. 

Fall in Anchorage
sure does not last very long
crap I can smell snow.
Or something on that order. Meh...

I was idly channel surfing and caught the last five minutes of Oregon Art Beat. There was a short piece about the Total Eclipse of the Sun and the celebration that went on for those two days. It looked a bit like Burning Man met the Hippy movement and relocated to the path of the solar eclipse. I jotted down a few lines.
Brief digression regarding the first sentence in this thing. I did take regular English at BSU, the class was taught by a vastly superior English God? And we learned quickly not to ask questions about anything. Some poor soul asked about the verb To Be. I swear he lectured a solid 15 minutes reciting every paragraph from the dictionary. Not a peep out of anyone the rest of the semester. At one point I rather rashly turned in an assignment that included a poem that I had written. He pointed out that it was not a poem and merely a quatrain. Er...thanky. I think I got a B out of that class only because I followed the requirements for writing a research paper including footnotes and citing references religiously. The subject was “King Arthur's Court” and then did a comparison of Mark Twain and who ever wrote about King Arthur. Thus ends the circular metaphor (more of an interruption) regarding English et al.

To return to the twiddles I wrote on a scrap of paper last night whilst ignoring the telly.
90 th anniversary of US Total eclipse of the Sun.
Hippies, some poets, on lookers were looking
people with tailgates were set up for cooking.
Burning Man came for some celebrating others brought colorful barrels and crating.
There was free style prancing and proud native dancing.
There were parents and children out getting chilly. 
All the dogs kept barking, the cats were not silly.
There should be another verse about the traffic etc. The verses rhyme but the scansion sucks. This has potential to be sung as a folk song but Bob Dylan is busy.
I just finished banana pancakes and needs must take my nap a bit early...urp...

List of US Presidents who won the Nobel Peace Prize and don' forget Al Gore.

Woodrow Wilson's Nobel Peace Prize Medal

Oh ain't it purty?  Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter and Barrack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Al Gore, Vice President won it as well.  I'm thinking that President Trump will not be seriously considered however many times his people eagerly nominate him um unless he somehow brings Kim Yong UN,  around to the middle way of peace.  That, my friends, will be a freaking miracle. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

working title

It is about time I assigned a working title for my book. I like "Hostage".  Probably needs to be something else. 

I had a truly evil idea about incorporating a current event into my story.  I was thinking of inserting the Las Vegas massacre.  This would appeal mightily to the Taliban and the girl could be horrified and determined to play it off as Russian disinformation and here is why. 

I also had an idea for an alternative book for her to recite chapters out of only she is making it up as she goes.  It is all about alternative history if Jane Seymour had survived the birth of her son Edward and Henry the VIII would have secured his male heir.  So Elizabeth would not ascend to the throne.  Her cousin Jamie Stewart of Scotland would not become James the First, King of England.  So many possibilities.  Or maybe this makes things too complicated. 

Wish I were a rich editor and that I could assign this to be written by an eager young author.  Sigh.

Saturday, September 30, 2017


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Thursday, September 28, 2017


We were on the road today, I got my second injection of Eylea.  There has actually been some improvement, so Dr. Bradley (tall, dark and blurry) is fairly optimistic. 

While driving around I was thinking about a Face Book post I had seen a few days ago.  The poster had written that if a cowboy ever bought a vehicle that had the self driving computer, that eventually it would leave him.  I immediately thought of a few jokes. 

But as it was I came up with a song.  Here for my brother, Phil, is PICKUP LINES.  It needs a tune and probably put the refrain where you wanna. 

Pickup Lines. 
My girl friend said to get a truck and it came all complete.
It had computer science set to follow every street. 

We had a good relationship but something just went wrong.
That truck took off and left me and my jaw hung down too long.

I wished I had that upgrade to interrupt the ride.
I'll hafta trade my pocket book for dignity and pride.

I might have to hire a kid to write a tricky hack. 
Might take some fancy coding that will bring the darn thing back.

Come back little pick up, you know you was adored.
Come back little pick up, you was all I could afford.