Saturday, July 14, 2018

FARE ACQUISTO IN CUCINA. Shopping in my kitchen.

A few days ago, Robin B, posted a delicious looking recipe for Cheesy Corn Casserole.  It looked delightful.  However, I decided to go shop for ingredients in my pantry and freezer.

Three cups of frozen corn miraculously turned into one can of golden hominy and one can of corn.

One medium chopped tomato turned into one can of well drained chopped canned tomato.

One medium green Bell pepper chopped turned into a small can of green chili peppers, which I chopped into BITS!

One and a half cups of milk, just happened to be a small can of canned milk with water added to 1 and 1/2 cup level.

Five tablespoons melted butter.  Check!

Five eggs, whipped.  Check!

Six tablespoons flour, were six tbsp. pancake mix.

One cup shredded cheese turned out to be one small package left over mixed cheese and a larger bag of frozen mozzarella. Cheesy!!

One teaspoon salt. Check!

Mix well, turn into casserole dish. preheat oven to 350 degrees, bake for 50 minutes, allow to cool for ten minutes to set.

I will post a picture and review later on Facebook.  Sense of accomplishment and washed a BUNCHA dishes, even put some of them away.  

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Readings now showing on my Kindle

Because I can scale the font to a comfortable reading level that is not available in print.  I love my books but  I now possess over 3000 that I can no longer read.  I will eventually donate them to various libraries and friends.

Onto my reading list.  I have the Koran, "The President Is Missing" by Bill Clinton and James Patterson and "Mohamed" by Deepak Chopra.

Let's start with Mohamed. Mr. Chopra has written the history from various viewpoints, The Prophet, a woman who nursed him for his first two years, etc.  It is quite fascinating.  The most surprising thing I have learned is that the babies were routinely sourced out to nomads if their mothers died.  The nomad women were paid to nurse the babies.  Girl babies were commonly out in the desert to die but not if their nursing was paid for. I guess I was expecting a straight up history but there are riveting bits.  For instance the Angel Gabriel commanded Mohamed to recite.  He was terrified, he could not read, he could not recite, he could not write.  The angel grasped him and squeezed him and commanded, "Recite!" Well, that is extremely compelling.  Now I let the book rest for a bit.

I downloaded the Koran a few months ago purely out of curiosity. If I were a serious scholar I would learn Arabic to read the original beautiful cursive.  However my brain barely goes right to left never mind the reverse.  The Koran, itself, is a very long prayer.  There is a special name for the people who memorize the entire book.  Wow. And I have forgotten the term for that.  Any way I should probably have read other texts that give the "bible stories/history" as the Koran is all praise and prayer and most holy. I haven't gotten to Mary's Chapter yet and so I read the book in pieces. 

The third book is "The President is Missing".  I ordered it only because James Patterson co-authored the thing.  Well, I am up to chapter 17 and it is cranking along, I can literally see the movie playing in my head.  A couple of personal things: I detest first person narrative.  It mostly rules out the omniscient presence in which most third person books are written.  The plot is thus; there is a threat of computer virus attack, there is a lady assassin, there is a mysterious hacker, President Duncan goes bare (no Secret Service) to meet the kid.  The president is widowed, his wife died of an aggressive cancer six months previously, his daughter is going to college in Paris. And the world building includes many near current and current headlines and happenings.  The presidents internal dialog about the political business sheds some light for those of us can nod off just clicking past C-Span.  So I shall most likely finish this one first.  

I also have a short story recommendation: "The Dragon Marshall's Treasure" by Zoe Chant.  In this world humans and shifters co-exist.  Our heroin is the daughter of a Bernie Madoff character who has disappeared with multiple millions of dollars.  Her step-mother is a nicely sane trophy wife who got left behind.  The shifter is a Dragon who arrives to seize the property.  There is lots of very clever chit chat.  You must read the conversion they have about Chicken and Pig shifters.  Highly original plot, romance does not start until much later.  Enjoy!!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Netflix productions

I was so impressed with the Netflix production of Lost In Space that I googled "contact Netflix" and there was a little suggestion box for shows so I put in the following:

1. Original production Pern series by Anne McCaffrey.  Please cast a Winona Ryder type for Lessa.

2.  Original production Dies The Fire trilogy by S.M. Stirling.  Please cast a newbie for my favorite Marine. And a young Danny Glover for the second  in command of the Bearkillers.  

3.  Original production Warprize trilogy by Elizabeth Vaughn.  Please and Please think about casting Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet as Keir and Lara okay? I think they would be perfect. 

Thank you.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Dream State

I woke up about 5am this morning and turned on the radio to listen to NPR and the news comes on at 5 am.  Next thing I know it is 9 O
CLOCK and I finally drag myself out of bed. 

I also dreamed that I was a truck driver.  I was driving a former co-worker to somewhere.  It was a desert road, very straight and very up.  It could barely see over the hood it was so steep and up ahead was a huge wind driven generator.  As I topped the hill, the road dropped down into a valley.  I drove towards the town and had to thread my way through a giant parking lot.  I was looking for the entrance to the gas station and then I woke up.  Dream interpretation was not much help.  Driving is symbolic of your life and a straight road says your life is fairly unimpeded.  I know I was driving because I had to put the pedal to the medal to get going.  And while the road looked familiar I have never actually been there and I couldn't drive a real sixteen wheeler if it came as an automatic. Don't pick up any hitchhikers.

Monday, April 9, 2018


Well, I do actually know what exactly is wrong with me.  Besides getting older without a lot of aches and pains and a couple chronic diseases, I am in fairly good medical shape. My vision is crappy but improving a little bit, looking forward to left eye prescription improvement.  My tall dark and blurry ophthalmologist is close to declaring me not improvable.  Yay! No more eyeball shots? No we will schedule you out a little farther between.  Rats.  I am very happy to enjoy reasonable good mental health.  Yeah, a little memory degradation, which is why I have started documenting bits and pieces of my life. Wouldn't want anyone to miss out on any of that. Granted I do need to walk more.  I daily work on flexibility exercises. Bending over? Not so much. Last visit to my Kidney doctor, my what ever is up one more point to 19.  That means the spectre of a visit to a fistula surgeon is put off a bit longer.  I debate about whether I even want to dialyze at all.  Just the commute alone may kill me.  Sitting?   I can do sitting. I can read my Kindle, be social to staff, bore the bejesus out of other patients.  And in the meantime there is always hope that some bright young engineer will build a plastic kidney using one of those printer thingies.  Super duper filter.  C'mon people get the Hell busy. Cuz otherwise I need a type B blood for kidney donor.  Always thought being matchy matchy was harder for kidney donation.  Husband (Not type B), God Bless him is willing but I think the donation would nearly do him in.  Now my other doctor person is a fun lady.  We chat about Indian movies and stuff.  My latest project is trying to consolidate ALL of my medical supplies in one spot. Maybe a very large tackle box with mega storage.  In addition to my ten or so prescriptions (yes I have a list) I also take 8 or so over the counter items. The reason I have so any meds is that I have like 4 scrips for BP, 1 for diabetes Not counting the refrigerated insulin, and the remaining ones are for routine coverage for stroke, heart attack. Oh wait, I forgot gout. I think I need a drug vacation.  Also need room for packages of needles that comes in a box, supplies for blood sugar kit, BP cuff.  Better get a buggy on wheels thing for mobility and possible bug out bag.  Truth be if there is occasion for a bug out I will elect to watch whatever the hell is going on from the second or possibly third story window, depending on how deep the tsunami is projected to be.  The Cascadia zone is just ten miles off shore from us.  Eeesh.  Em mostly I just want to watch. Yeah, that's the ticket.  Good news is that GI and GU continue to be more or less reliable.  My sense of humor is still intact.  I don't think I suffer from depression...and I do enjoy frequent naps.  Husband checks for vital signs occasionally but the snoring is a dead give-a-way.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Places to visit or maybe move

I have been watching the last season of Fixer Upper and grieving.  Reruns will do for a while but....The Gaines are just too darn busy for TV  I was mentally counting up.  Besides Magnolia Farm and the design and construction company. They revamped the Silos and opened a architectural salvage store.  They purchased a B&B and revamped a housekeepers house next to it for the managers. Jo has a huge truck garden at the farm.  They have all sorts of animals that eat their heads off.  I think Chip may donate one or two for charity rather than butcher them, especially the ones with names and they all have names.  They revamped the flower shop next to the Silo and turned it into a bakery.  And this week Chip talked Jo into a restaurant.  They took the old Elite that is the oldest place in Waco and spiffed it up into a breakfast joint.  It is a beautiful job and if I ever get to Waco, Texas, I will certainly see them all and especially have some biscuits and gravy. 

I have also been watching "Home Town".  The young couple live and work in Laurel, Mississippi and rebuild older homes for folks.  It is absolutely beautiful.  They do a tremendous job and the styles of house run from Southern Italianate to Farmhouse Victorian wrap around porches and swings, quite lovely.  I got curious and decided to Google the town and I was curious about the population.  I have only seen one black person filmed and I figured there had to be some black people there.  It took forever but the official site finally yielded up some statistics.  Of the population of 18,000 or so fifty percent  is white and 25 five percent is black and so on.  I did notice that there were 8 congregations of Baptist churches, Black. It would be interesting to see if the White Baptists sing as good as the Black Baptists. I would love to visit just for the front porch swings, sweet tea and fireflies.  Makes me all homesick and I ain't even from there y'all.

Saturday, March 24, 2018


Last night I dreamt that I was writing a song, it was a New Orleans type blues song, very old style and to my mind it was a song that had been around for decades I was simply updating the lyrics.

Some handsome man (PLEASE let it be Harry Connick, Jr!) advised me that I could not rewrite that old classic.  Huh. I have never had a composing dream before. Wish I could remember the tune.  Maybe it was wonderful.

And sadly to dream that you are a composer signifies that you are creating or directing new found energies to some aspect of your life.  Well, I can only modestly blush and admit somewhat ruefully that my powers of sarcasm have been blooming lately.