Saturday, August 5, 2017

BOOK REPORT" NEXT DOOR TO HEAVEN" Dean Koontz, many spoilers

I am now reading
Next Door to Heaven.
Four or five story lines, I am 72% done and it looks like FINALLY the story lines are lumbering together. By lumbering I mean the rate at which I am reading feels lumbering.
Let me recap: Mickey and her Aunt Gen. Micky visits Gen and meets Leilani Klonk who lives in the next parking space over.
Leilani Klonk, 9 y/o disabled mutant girl, brilliant, raised wild and unregistered. Her mother Sensimilla is a drugged out hippy who is dangerous when not pathologically stoned. The step father is Dr. Doom who is an intelligent serial killer and plans to kill Leilani on her 10 birthday.
Ethan is a burned out private detective hired by Mickey to trace Dr. Doom.
Curtis Hammond, an orphaned boy who, as it turns out, really is an alien.
The Selkenfelter twins help Curtis in a shootout with evil aliens who can track him until he truly become Curtis Hammond.
Old Yeller, a dog who gained some basic intelligence after bonding with Curtis.
The characterizations and plot have built in depth and complexity. It wasn't until chapter 33 that I at last comprehended why everyone but the dog was after the kid. I love the Koonzt nod to smart puppies. I truly fear for my ladies. I fear Dr. Doom won't meet his end and if he does will he comprehend his depth of failure with appropriate horror and loathing. I sort of feel like he will glance around trying to figure a way out. I really want a true transformation for Ms. Klonk not to mention liberation. I fear for everyone. As for measuring this book against Odd Thomas, well it compares solidly in favor. Mrs. Brownfield, my fifth grade teacher, would be proud of me, I found the reference to the book title. I have also noted that I usually learn a new word from the not overly erudite Mr. Koontz, can't remember it now; started with an O, definition final stage of butterfly pupa, I think. Also, loided, there was no Wikipedia entry and used in a sentence meaning voided closure. Kinda
I never take this long to read a book unless it as a bad one. I decided to wait to finish reading the last few chapters because I was so fearful of things not going right.
So the denouement came along so very, very late. Dr. Doom had killed the farmer in his house in Nun's Lake (Think Priest Lake, far north Idaho). He caught Mickey and tied her up in the farmers house. He went back to the motor home and snatched Leilani. Everyone else took off in what seemed to be unsuccessful pursuit. Dr. Doom set the house on fire. As it turned out the detective crashed into the house, rescued Leilani and Mickey. Curtis transformed and confronted Dr. Doom who thought he was hallucinating due to the smoke. Dr. Doom did not express remorse, merely confusion that he could not find his way out. Oh yes, when they got back to the motor homes, an ambulance was taking away a very demented Sensimilla, None of them said anything to the authorities.
I will leave you to read the very satisfactory epilogue, very satisfactory.  There was redemption after all. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Book, BOOK, BOOK report!!!!

I am going to talk about three books by Charlaine Harris.  She is more famous for her Sookie Stackhouse books.  These books are set in the same "neighborhood" only in that Manfred Bernardo is acquainted with Sookie.The books are titled, Midnight, Day Shift and Night Shift. 

Midnight is the name of a town in Texas, it is small, dusty and inhabited by mostly supernatural beings to whom we are introduced over the course of the books. 

Bernardo is a professional psychic and he is good and occasionally has a true vision.  He moved to Midnight from Tennessee I think.  His neighbors help him unload boxes. Bernardo has many tattoos, body piercings and spiked white hair, he is also short and slight.

One of his neighbors is a young woman named Fiji who is a witch and who has a familiar who is a talking cat.  His speaks mostly in a bitter, snarky voice. 

Bebo is a handsome blond who runs the pawn shop and Fiji is crushing on.  Bebo is oblivious.

Lemuel is the vampire who mostly minds his business unless he needs a refreshing sip of either blood or personality essence. 

Olivia is his human wife who was sexually abused by her stepmother as a child.  Her daddy did not believe her.  Olivia became a professional assassin and makes a fairly decent wage and step mom is no longer a problem. 

Rev is a very spiritual man who offers burial services for both humans and pets.  He is a tiger shifter.  We meet two more tiger shifters a bit later. 

There is a lovely gay couple, Chuy and dammit, Ican'trememberhisname.  They have a Peke who yaps and they are fallen angels and rarely manifest their wings. 

The only other normal couple in town are Madonna, Teacher and Grady their baby.  They are African American.  Madonna cooks at the local diner, Teacher can fix anything.

Over all a swell bunch, first book is getting acquainted and some adventure.  I think you may thoroughly enjoy the books.  As for the NBC series I will reserve judgement as the series has already departed from characters and plot.  Meh....

Sunday, July 23, 2017

BOOK REVIEW FROM THE CORNER OF THE EYE (made have mangled the title)

Ok, spent the night reading a fairly recent book by Dean Koontz
Title" From The Corner of The Eye".  Without giving away too much of the plot; involves two very remarkable children, their parents, a truly evil villain who seems unstoppable, some nifty adult friends and the 60's, 70's and 80's.  Maybe a few more years as well.  The bad guy is a serial killer. Koontz reveals more and more of his character over several chapters until we realize that he has not accidentally lost his wife who fell from a wooden fire tower.  Death progresses as does his increasing divide from reality unfortunately his hyper awareness as a true murderous paranoid impinges on more or unrelated victims who just happen to meet his internal requirements for speedy elimination.  Gah.  The children do not meet until they are both three years old.  I guarantee that you will fall in love with the good guys, root for the demise of the bad guy and be charmed by the various characters who show up and their place in the book is revealed.  There are couple of breath taking plot switches so grab a comfy chair, good light and settle in.  You are gonna love this book.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Remember President Obama's 90 minute meeting with President Trump?  Well the agenda was very full but towards the end of the meeting Obama handed three sealed envelopes to Trump, each envelope was numbered one through three.  Obama told him, here these are some solutions that you may find handy if you have a problem that you just can't solve.  Good luck, sir and farewell. Trump tucked the envelopes away and went about his Presidential business.  Things seemed to be going well at first.  But something was bothering him, he finally opened envelope number one.  It said simply,  get the appointments filled.  Hmph, well that project had gotten bogged down so he whistled for a few select members of his staff and had them assemble a whole host of rich white men to be considered for the openings.  That effort kept everyone incredibly busy in addition to keeping the media busy with speculation  A month or so later, things were just getting difficult  again with various firings and investigations so Mr. Trump consulted the second envelope.  It said, "Take a trip."  So he did, several trips in fact.  This was very successful, he pumped up his base, shook hands with foreign dignitaries and everything was pretty hunky dory.  Unfortunately when he got back the budget loomed, the Affordable Care Act loomed and it looked like world war III would start in Congress.  Mr. Trump locked himself in his office and reluctantly took out the third envelope.  He opened it.  The paper inside read, "Prepare three envelopes."

Monday, July 3, 2017

Couldn't help myself, BOOK REVIEW!!

I have been enjoying a new author very much.  Robert Ulurdutch.  I hope I got the name right, it is either English, Welsh and/or Scottish.  Google was not very clear.

He has written a trilogy about Spot and Smudge.  The tiny black puppies were born beneath the chicken coop and the adventure begins.  The family that lives on the farm are of strong Scottish descent.  There is a large quantity of Scottish slang and it gets repeated enough so that you will get the gist.  Also a lot of Scottish jokes.  I will tell one and then you have to read the books to find out where it is.  Why do Scots wear kilts?  Because sheep can hear zippers. Told ja......

The three books are; Spot and Smudge, Glasgow Grey and Let Loose the Pups of War.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bertrice Smalll, Patricia McCallister and Dean Koontz

I was re-reading The Silk Merchants Daughter, vol. 3 and realized at the end that I should look up the fourth daughter Serena's book.   It was not listed on Amazon.  So I googled Bertrice Small and discovered to my dismay that she had died in 2015.  Well shoot.  Amazon feed suggested Patricia McCallister's book Snow Raven.  So I purchased that one and discovered that this particular book fits nicely in Small's Historical Novel niche.  Snow Raven is the tale of a spirited woman who has decided to meet her fiancĂ© for a meet and greet.  She is captured by the younger brother of the Wolf of Badan sumpin sumpin and she is taken hither there and who happens to be mortal enemies to her fiancĂ©.   This action upsets the various monarchies involved in both Scotland and England who demand they marry.  There are subplots and spirited this and that.  Gorgeous descriptions of clothing, meals, landscapes quite poetic.  Eventually the villains meet their comeuppance, evil plots are foiled etc.  I enjoyed the book thoroughly.

Also quite coincidentally I watched the last five damn minutes of Odd Thomas and based on that alone, decided to download the first two chapters of the book.  My brother gifted me with many Odd Thomas books a decade ago but with time and shrinking font size of books, neglected to read this one by Dean Koontz.  Thank you Dean, this was a perfect book.  I am in mourning and haven't quite decided if I can navigate the remaining Odd Thomas books.  Maybe in a month or two I will brave a sample of two chapters worth of the next book in the series.  I shall have to watch the entire movie now just to see if casting is worthy of the 400 lb Ozzie and the other magnificent characters who know, love and fear  the Odd one.  Sniff.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Late night comedy

I recently discovered the I Heart Radio icon on my Kindle apps.  There is a sub category of comedy.  Lots of short bits by various stand up comics.  Extremely funny, and laugh out loud mostly except for the stand ups sound like they are experimenting.

I got to thinking what if I tried Stand Up?  Hmm, first of all there is a generation gap...of several generations.  The average audience is up to the minute. Who would want to listen to Grandma?

Pretty sure menopause jokes would not umm resonate.  And I have listened to The Moth Hour which is sometimes funny and the audience seems pretty accepting.  So the best I could hope for is an audience of empathetic NRP hipsters.  I don't even have an NPR type name like Ndinka Apenbaum.

Soooo....relying on life experience here goes. I worked for 35 years in Health Care, specifically medical records.  That basically meant that I could spell it and did not have to smell it.  One of my very earliest doctor was a lovely old fellow who needed help changing the tape on the dictation machine.  All he wanted was for me to take the tape out and turn it to side B.

Prior to that my early life experiences including learning practical things.  I have yet to determine why it did not occur to Mom to tell me to subtract the monthly bank fee BEFORE writing the bouncing check. 

One time I was short of enough change to purchase soap at the laundromat and looked around, there was no one in the place but there was a pay phone.  So thinking fast I dialed zero and asked the operator if she could give me change for a quarter.  No ma'am.  I also learned that colorful yarn booties would shrink to a size minus zero when washed in hot water. Pretty sure Mom told me about that but I forgot.

G'night folks, you have been great!!!