Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dental visit

This is not me.  I decided I had better go get my teeth cleaned, they were starting to feel like concrete and it had been at least five years since my last visit, no excuses, just plain old did not go.

The dentist did a thorough examination.  I explained that no matter what he found I was not interested in root canals or visiting the periodontist in Coos Bay. Not gonna happen. If the tooth hurts I will opt to have it pulled.  No new cavities, the old fillings are still doing their job but they do want me to come in for a full four quarter root planing.  I think I will take 80 mgs of Benadryl on those days.  (weak grin)  Strangely enough because of a molar extraction or two in the past my teeth have shifted into a more straggly configuration and he told me that was a good thing, they were easier to clean and it was harder for a cavity to start because cavities usually start on the in between touching spaces.   Too much information.

And since it is a very wet monsoon type rainy day I am baking a chicken on a bed of new potatoes and I made fresh salsa with tomato, onion, cilantro, olives and avocado.  It's in the fridge, help yourself.  The bag of chips is sealed with a clip sitting on a shelf high enough beyond the cats ability to levitate.  They do like their chips.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I has found duck dynasty

I found this show purely by accident.  This is the family that became millionaires by manufacturing a duck call (Duck Commander),

All of the men wear beards and hat.  24/7.  They employ half of the neighborhood in a very large manufacturing plant.  This episode I viewed involving the CEO trying to round up his kin so they could get out a big order.  No one was working,  the boys were all out blowing up beaver dams, shooting squirrels for dinner, telling tall tales and instructing their as yet unbearded grandsons on the art of living off the bayou. 

Ultimately Mama invited the town to help with the order and she fixed suckling pig, apple in the mouth and all the fried squirrel you can eat.  Yum!  The entire time this is going on the CEO is moaning his misfortune and the other men are solemnly pontificating about the situation with just a wee twinkle in their eyes.


Thursday, March 22, 2012


We were originally scheduled to have our shelving installed on either March 26 or 27th.   Today the IT guy sent a picture to Hannah of the partially assembled shelves.  Later on our maintenance guy came to ask who wanted to inspect the shelves and sign off on the job.  I do! I do!  Here is your hard hat.

We have four double sided shelves and one single sided shelf. 
They all have three movable dividers on each shelf,so cool, now we can keep stuff up right mostly.

This is the view from "my" office, there is no glass in the window yet and even when it does get glass one of the desks will probably cover that space up.   So, we are supposed to move 04-11-12.
Charts that is, no idea when we get the desks from the business office that are our hand-me-downs but are in fairly good condition.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snow day....fer real

Husband exclaimed, "You gotta look at our tree!" This is the very large fir tree in our backyard loaded down with snow, the branches are usually much perkier.

This is the sunnier view later on this morning.  The snow has stayed all day, gotten a bit slushy.   It really was a snow day, surgery cancelled all of their cases, so the stat H&P I typed this morning went into the chart for next time.  Also, two people called in from my department to say they weren't coming in, they both live about two to three blocks from me toward the direction of the hospital. (?)  Half the business office people stayed home but some of them drive from Coos Bay or North Bend.   There was one or two cars at the clinic, must have cancelled clinic as well. 
Oh and we had a fire alarm this morning, a heat sensor in the boiler room got a little hot and put out a smidgen of smoke.   Our Internet was off and on, I could transcribe ER reports but could not open the radiology system to put them there.  The hospital was on back up generator until afternoon.   What a weather related day in the neighborhood. The garbage truck still has not come to make pick up.
And I noted various tree branches lying by the side of the road here and there.  Ah, the sound of chainsaws in the morning!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Day!

Very pleasant surprise at work today.  The loose file box is EMPTY!  The file clerks have been working their hang nails overtime to get this empty as well as THREE HUGE BOXES sitting on the floor empty as well. By empty I mean all several THOUSAND pieces of paper have been properly filed away. 


 Having said that the next big job is the move from old facility to the new facility.  I am not exactly sure how the move will work but the movers will be here April 4 to move us.  I hope that means they know what they are doing or will it devolve to shrill gibbering of five or six women trying to keep control.  I really need to dig out the bottle of Excedrin.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Couple weekends worth of projects

Husband scored a nice little book case for 15 bucks at the local thrift shop next to Safeway.  It is heavy duty particle board and will hold, lemme see, there are 23 books on that bottom shelf multiply 8 or 9 more layers and that might, I say MIGHT empty ONE of the large boxes still sitting downstairs.   I have become a little more selective.   I am discarding books without covers and other personally unappealing subject matter.

Time for cauliflower and broccoli salad.  One head of cauliflower and two largish stalks of broccoli, one sweet onion, 1 cup golden raisins, one cup frozen green peas, generous sprinkle of sun flower seeds.  Chop into florets and smallish mouth size pieces.  Dressing is 3/4 cup Mayo, 1or 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and 1 or 2 packets of Splenda to taste.  A sprinkle of salt and pepper can't hurt either.  Delish.  Very vegan well except for the Mayo.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


One of the ladies at work shared a recipe with me. She called it the easiest most delicious biscuit recipe she had ever tried.


Two cups of Bisquick
One cup of sour cream
One cup of 7-UP.

Mix well, consistency did not seem solid enough to bake on a cookie sheet, so I put them in a muffin tin at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  You get a very tender, quasi-dense biscuit that takes a pat of butter very well. One was very filling. 

The cats were thrilled at the opportunity to lick the bowl clean.  Well they were rather INSISTENT.

Husbands review:  Tasted okay, he prefers the peel and stick kind though.  

Friday, March 2, 2012


The picture posted above has absolutely NOTHING to do with the movie review. I had meant to load a picture of Eric Bana  (Gorgeous) who played the part of the bad guy on Star Trek (2009)

I do not have much luck watching entire productions from beginning to end.  My channel hopping precludes this.  I do not own a TIVO and I do not read program guides.  It is always potluck.

What a lucky find today for me.

Star Trek; opens with the very young James Tiberius Kirk driving a car like a maniac toward the edge of a cliff and leaping out at the last minute.  He looked to be about age 12.

Fast forward a few years to a rowdy bar, Kirk hits on Uhuru and a fight ensures.  Kirk remains basically in scar tissue through most of the movie.

Eventually all of the characters graduate from Star Trek Academy and all cadets are mustered for a massive emergency.

Enter our really evil but strangely attractive villain, Nero.  He is Romulan who sports an equally tragically attractive facial tattoo.
He has vowed to destroy Vulcan before the eyes of Spock because when Spock was about 120 years old he failed to stop a star from going super nova and destroying Romulus. 

Oh, I almost forgot, Uhuru has feelings for Spock and he agreeably enough has feelings for Uhuru. 

Lots of fighting, lots of action.  Whole thing resolved with Kirk taking over the Enterprise.  Spock and Kirk beam aboard Nero's ship. More shoot 'em up, very spectacular rescue ensues.

I LOVED this film.  Also while Kirk was played very ably by Chris Pine, the best portrayal was by Karl Urban who played Bones' every grimace, every curmudgeonly gesture to perfection.

ER um, my only gripe is that by movies end we still have two planets destroyed; Vulcan and Romulus.   I think we have violated the space time continuum thingy.  Where is a quantum mechanic to fix things when you want 'em? Huh?

PS:  Winona Ryder played the part of Spocks' mother.  I didn't know it until I saw the credits.   Good job!