Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oh yes belated thank you to Uncle Spud for shampooing the Mom's carpet.


Just got home from Emmett. Mom is feeling better. Last night she actually slept part of the night on the couch rather than the recliner. Her Lasix is kicking in the ridding her of excess edema of her tootsies. She is consulting her doctors and FNP's regarding medication regulation. Shealso decided that she needed to give up her car so after considering the many options of what to do with her 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada, she is trading it to me for an electric scooter. She wants a four wheeler for better stability. They only go 5 mph tops so no fear of a ticket um unless it is for obstructing traffic. Watch out Emmett!! Thank you to cousin Marian Beatty for getting us the information on the scooter. I also saw the coolest stretch"limo" on the way home in very slow traffic on the 205 around Portlandia. Some obviously richer than me person took one of those huge honking van types and stretched it out to 20 feet, so people don't have to crawl to their seats, they can stroll casually back and drop in for the ride.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

ERm picture of where we ate last night only it was very early evening.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I and two co-workers went out for dinner this evening and decided to blog our reviews thusly;

Sue and Gail had the prime rib with oven baked new potatoes, house salad, white wine, merlot. I had the Oregon Fish and Chips consisting of halibut, French fries (cool) green beans and pearl onions (cooler). The ladies enjoyed their prime rib. I enjoyed my halibut. Dessert was a lemon layer cake, again delish. Oh and I had iced tea. On a scale of 1 to 10; one on a par with a school lunch room and 10 being gourmet dining. I would give this evening's effort a good solid 5.
We dined at the Mill Casino in the Plank Room with a gorgeous view of the bay, the service was excellent and the early bird price was under 15 bucks each. Not bad.
This is Dr. Sinnott looking into my right eye this morning.

I have somehow scratchedthe cornea, it hurt like hades and he gave me a nice sample bottle of very expensive anti-inflammatory eye drops. Phew! I had to take minutes at medical staff meeting this morning and was wiping copious tears while setting up lappy. He took pity on me and dragged me off to ER for a quick exam. Thanks, Doc!! Two drops in right eye three times a day. Right is is complete blur. Left eye okay for navigating, sort of.

Travel plans include flight to Boise tomorrow, I will be leaving before Carla gets there on Friday,not good planning on my part. I was only thinking of the Gi-NORmous pile of work waiting for me when I get back....... sigh.....R

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I talked briefly to Mom this morning.

She is being transferred from St.Lukes Meridian to St. Lukes Boise for pacemaker insertion this afternoon. I just might fly home for a week postop. Must check airlines. Bye

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good news: Ma is mending, they are giving her a full breakfast this morning.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This castle is where Princess Giggle lives. She is about age 9, her nanny is named Miss Petalpusher. They fly around on a solar powered flying carpet. She has an annoying boy cousin named Ryan Bryan Corey Craig.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Strange Christmas tree

I purchased this white metal fold up pre lighted tree in Dillingham Alaska at the local Alaska Commercial Store, it was 80 dollars. I loaded my favorite ornaments on it and enjoyed it very much, it was so glittery and shiny. Granted this is not the correct time of year to display this item but I when I walked past the nurses station, some bored person had completely decorated for Halloween. There were bats cunningly fashioned from black trash bags and tiny black plastic spiders being creepy crawly everywhere and orange and black twisted garlands of crepe paper. Too soon ... Halloween isn't until the END of October, a month and half away. As usual we will huddle in the dark and be the grinches who stole Trick or Treat, leave the outside light turned off and ignore the insistent knocking on our front door. Actually we do take turns handing out treats and I try very hard to purchase bags of candy I wouldn't eat like glow in the dark gummy worms or the local equivalent of Everlasting Gob Stoppers..Yummy!
We interrupt this program to bring a brief medical report on Mom, who is at St. Lukes Meridian. She has experienced flatus and in small bowel obstruction cases this is a good thing. Can a soft diet be far behind?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Morning in Coquille

I work Sundays, mostly to provide coverage. This means I get Friday's and Saturdays off. Sorry must cut this short. I think I need the practice simply signing in and out of retro blog so this will be beyond banall and mundane or until I feel like relating something that makes me squirt milk out of my nose. So get back to work, soldier, yer ma-ma ain't gonna do it for you!!! And Gale what are you doing up so early?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Day one of retro blog

Hmm, first try at blogging (stupid word I assume short for web log) I have written a diary for years usually entitled Name of Town Diary etc. So this blog will be an online version of that for friends and family who have come to dread my annual Christmas Letter.
I floundered around on my PC to find this sample picture just to demonstrate that I can follow blogger directions for up loading pictures.
If I can remember how I got here I may post again soon.