Friday, April 27, 2012

Damned with faint praise....

This is a very lukewarm product endorsement:

I had seen the advertisements on television and thought that my dryer really needs to have the lint trap deep cleaned etc.  Then I promptly forgot about.   My traveling coding buddy, Susan who drives over from Roseburg mentioned that one of their local malls had a "Everything sold on TV store" located there, so I asked her to see if they stocked a Lint Lizard.   She went and the person there said they would have them in stock in a few weeks.

A few weeks go by and Susan brought me the Lint Lizard. I think it cost something like 15 or 20 dollars.  The reason I did NOT order it from the 800 number on television is I did not want to throw my credit card number out there for possible abuse etc.

So, the device comes in three parts, the large part that is the vacuum adapter, the middle part that fits the clear plastic hose to the adapter and the clear plastic hose.  The hose comes curled up and does not uncurl, so there some difficult angles to accomplish.

Basically it works well,there is good suction but I could have probably taken a bottle brush of some kind, stuck on a length of wire such as a straightened coat hanger and cleaned the vent that way.  While I had the vacuum going I did Hoover up some cat hair and spider webs.  The product is made in China and distributed from somewhere in Jerseylicious.

I think I should call Charlie and ask what he uses professionally to clean dryer vents.  Although his small appliance experience has considerably branched out,  he tackles biggies like Wolfe ranges now a days.  Cool.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

almost done

Eight movers showed up about 8 am Tuesday morning, boxed up and unboxed charts from 1 to 58,000 and got them moved and shelved correctly with only a couple of course corrections. They emptied some metal shelves that had been bolted to the wall in a former patient bathroom and installed them way down at the end.
We had to put the left overs in one of the administration offices until we can go back and do some purging.  We now have empty shelves to store the purged charts in the old medical records. Hooray!  We were there until 4:30.  That does not sound so bad but I got there at 6:15 am.  Tired little doggies.

This nice empty looking space is the doctors dictation room across the hall from medical records.  One of our consulting surgeons came over today to review surgeries done in March. You can't see it from this view but there is a copier on the other side of the room.  The empty shelves will hold the incomplete charts that need dictation or signatures etc.  Didn't have that much room in the old doctor's lounge but then there is no en suite bathroom or bed for the on-call docs. 

Next task the phones.  We are hoping to get our 396 numbers back but there has been a tussle between vendors etc.  The phone did ring today, SOME people found us to ask for stuff to be faxed to their offices.  Patients move tomorrow.  Glad my part is mostly done.  Still smells like new car. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank you

What a nice surprise! Husband purchased roses because I made him Tamale pie.  He must REALLY like tamale pie.  Gonna have to work on making omelets.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Disclaimer:  This is a HUD/Union project.   I am required to state that the opinions expressed on this blog do not neccessrily reflect the opions of CVH. HUD or anyone involved in this build.

Saturday was the dedication and open house.  It was sunny, lots of people showed up, there were speeches, there were awards given, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony and "I declare this facility open!"

This picture above is our "Machu Piccu" wall, the sign is lit at night and is very pretty. 

This is lower front, lowest level is the plaza area, the kitchen is there as well as physical therapy, the gift shop.  They will have a cooler for flowers and remember it is the only gift shop in town.

Right next to the gift shop is one of the meditation rooms, very nice and cozy.

Kitchen servery, grab a tray and get some grub, very efficient. Eventually we will be able to swipe our badges to pay for the meals.  The food for the opening was plentiful and very delicious. 

 This is the Emergency room nurses station.  The sliding door is the physician dictation room, two phones, no waiting.

This is the medical floor nurses station.  It is actually more roomy than it looks.

This is one of the patient rooms, it is very large,you can't see the very large 3D smart TV hanging on the wall.  You could hold a square dance in the bathrooms.

They set up 400 chairs and most of them were filled.

Close up of the stained glass window in the meditation room.

And last but not least they put in a putting green on the lawn located just off the upper parking lot. I'm kidding its is just a very nice lawn, not really big enough for a putting green, unless it is putt putt golf.

Friday, April 20, 2012

A salmon stream runs through it

Oh my goodness, the sculpture was installed yesterday.  That is a metal sculpture portraying salmon swimming up a rocky stream.

Nice fish!

I think that a nice Calder mobile made of fishing rods would compliment the theme, there is plenty of room to hang something like in the Plaza level.  Dedication and Open House is tomorrow 2 to 5.  Self guided tours, good eats.  Parking at the Community Center with a shuttle bus and if that parking lot gets full the Credit Union parking lot is next.  Weather is supposed to be sunny.  A rare day in Oregon.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mmmmmm Tamale pie.

Went out for breakfast at The Pancake Mill.  I had croissant french toast.  Husband had garden omelet.  Again yumm.

For some odd reason we journeyed to WalMart to shop.  I never go there because it is kind of like entering a casino, time becomes distorted and you leave having spent more money than you had originally intended.   So got ingredients for Tamale Pie and opted for some fancy shmancy onion rings.  Smells wonderful.  I'll save a piece for you.

Am posting today from home because I took the day off,  I have medical staff Friday and Saturday is the open house at the new hospital, I shall be wearing a dress (gasp!) and monitoring the self guided tours.  For instance, the people at the MRI will point out proudly that the MRI is state of the art, serial #1, there is not another one like it in Oregon.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The office

Disclaimer:   Be advised that this build is a HUD union sanctioned build.  Any opinions expressed on this blog are mine alone and do not reflect any opinions of CVH. 

Today is the second fullish day spent at my new-to-me desk at the office.  Looks like I'm working hard, huh?  My missing desk was in plant operations along with another desk being claimed by IT.  I didn't want the corner one, and IT did, so we swapped.  I put the tall cupboard thingie on the carpet in back of me and it serves nicely as a book shelf.  HJ helped get all my wires untangled and in the proper spot.  JS from IT fixed it so I can fax documents to the nurses station as well as surgery.  Woo hoo, faxing stuff instead of printing it off and running it down the hallway.

This is the view from the front door of all five desks, squeezed into this area, to the left are the as yet unadorned shelves.  We froze today, the plant people and the Fire Marshall were testing the boiler and it took all afternoon for the temperature to eek its way back up to 65. We are hoping the records themselves will add an insulating property besides stopping the wind chime effect of the empty shelves. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


DISCLAIMER: This is a HUD and union project. Any opinions expressed on this blog are not necessarily the same at CVH, HUD or the union.++

Here is a new view of the courtyard that meanders between the two buildings.  The landscaping is just newly planted. They did save some of the rhodies and they have buds on them and will bloom soon.

This is the view of the upper entrance, the doors open automatically now and we move soon.

And we have some signage.  Will post more soon.

Friday, April 6, 2012

More worky worky

 DISCLAIMER:  Be advised this build is a HUG and union project.  Any opinions expressed this blog are not necessarily those of the CVH organization.

Here is a picture out of my office, they just finished bolting together the gorgeous beams for a "patio cover".

Here is the view of the same structure from the North back door of the hospital.   Nice.

And this is the freshly blacktopped roadway to the pergola and upper level ER entrance.   The ambulances may have to back up this to the beginning of the pergola and thence unload patient and gurney to be taken through the upper ER door way, of which the open is now 6 feet wide not 5 feet wide per state inspection requirements.   Anyway it will be a pretty walkway and perfect place to take a break or lunch on a sunny day and we have been running short of sunny days for the last few weeks.  It hailed yesterday.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Left overs

Decided to make chicken and dumplings out of the left over baked chicken.  Yum, just bring to a boil the chicken and veggies and liquids, drop in 2 cups Biscuit mix and 2/3cup milk mixed and let cook on medium uncovered for ten minutes and covered for ten minutes.  Smells wonderful, although I must say that Colleen's dumplings at work are lighter and quite delicious.  Yummy!

Mom used to make a fruit dumpling.  If we picked Tartarian cherry's, she would make a batch, very tasty.  Sad to say we did not get to pick the Tartarians very often.

And today was a good day at work.  I received an email from the MOVE coordinator who assured me that we would have help packing the records into boxes and umpacking records into boxes.  Phew, I was having nightmares about trying to find space for 455 file boxes full of records.  Relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.