Thursday, September 29, 2011


 This week the protective "hallway" came down between the two buildings, we can see much better, more sunshine is let in. This view is towards the old main entrance of the hospital.  The larger opening in the new building is a temporary opening to allow the CT scanner and MRI scanner to go in.  

 This is the view from the main entranced looking South.
Eventually there will a meandering walk way between the two buildings.

This is the view from the extreme edge of the parking lot on the North end of the building.   The blue pickup is parked in the lane that will curve around the building into the top floor entrance of the emergency room.  The lower road where it splits will circle around the new building allowing a complete drive around the entire site once finished.  Those itty bitty trees down there are actually pretty tall, that level has been built up a good 40 feet and the is where the helicopter landing pad will be outlined in white paint.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jury duty

Hard to believe that I have lived in Coquille for 10 years or better and just this week received a jury duty summons for two weeks in October.  The drill here is call in the number, if your juror number is called, show up for the day, do not wear cologne or perfume. 

I first served on a jury in Marin County, California late 60's, actually got selected for a trial involving a women charged with passing bad checks from someone Else's bank account.   It was quite an elaborate tussle.  Lots of testimony.  I'm sure she is out of jail by now.

Second and third experiences with jury duty was in Alaska. Once you have received two dividend checks from the state you name goes in the jury pool not for a measly two weeks but  FULL QUARTER of each year.  I served on one DUI, one assault,and one mistrial.  That trial was called a mistrial because the prosecutor was reading from something that the officer witness did not have a copy of.  So mistrial.

I served on a Federal trial held in Nome, Alaska.  It was a big deal.  There actually is a Federal Court house in Nome.  I asked when the last Federal trial was held in Nome, um, sixteen years ago.  I was briefly empaneled and excused. 

The very last week that I lived in Barrow, I was called for jury duty.  I was briefly empaneled. Perhaps it was the panic stricken look on my face that got me excused from that one.

So I call call the phone and if my number is called, I will take my fully charged Kindle for a day of reading and observation.  I 

Friday, September 23, 2011


This is the view outside the North exit, they have begun filling in the driveway with truckloads of fine sand, followed by generous application of hundreds of gallons of water.  The larger machines massaged the sand into a semblance of flatness.  I predict the layer will stop about 18 inches short of the top of the wall, in order to provide a barrier.  Gotta keep the ambulance from accidentally going over the edge.  Of course it would also be possible for some civilian to do the same, come around that corner, misjudge the speed and sail right out there....and no bunch of trees to stop the vehicle.

This is the view outside the window in medical records.  They just about have the building buttoned up, got on a layer of wallboard and Tyvek.   When the sun came out it was SO yellow we needed shades and we looked distinctly jaundiced.   We can no longer look over and see the guys taking their lunch break. 

Also brief review of a show on The Science Channel called

"Stuck With Hacket".  Premise is that what can a man do to create civilisation from junk.  Quite a bit actually.  Hacket was stuck in a junk yard next to a desert.  He decided to make a "dirt boat" utilizing obtainium (junk).  He assembled the pieces and parts, discovered he did not have a critical piece to connect the mast to the boat and actually made a mold of to hold molten metal and poured the piece he needed.  He hurt himself several times and finally got to sail his dirt boat, it looked really good and like a lot of fun.  I like this guy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


When you sit near the front and bring your own camera, you don't wind up on other peoples cameras y'see.

This is the ICD10 workshop held in Albany, OR on 9-16-11 at the Expo building.   ICD10 is a diagnosis coding system originally invented by the World Health Organization to track statistics of disease outbreaks around the world. The USA has plowed through various versions of ICD8 and ICD9 and ignored the fact that the rest of the world is using ICD10 but not US.  Until 10-1-2013.  Yep, that is the magic date when Medicare will no longer accept bills coded in ICD9 and we must ICD10.  I was educated in the basics and while the guidelines are similar to ICD9, it will be difficult at first to get this pounded into my head.  Hey,wait a minute! Aren't you retiring someday?  Yeah, well about that.   Our contract coder really REALLY wants to retire before 10-01-13.  The only other people interested work in the business office, so I'm it.  I am hoping/prayer that we go with the Ingenix encoder with computer assisted coding so that I won't have a fart attack on 10-01-13. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The view above is next to the street, they are gradually building up so that the 360 turn around on the upper level can be completed.
Lots of very large dump trucks bringing loads of rock, dumping the rock, then a skip loader kind of thing daintily scraping the rock over the side to the lower level.  The guys below are tamping with rollers and putting down layers of membrane, that dirt ain't going anywhere.

A layer of brick work or stylish cement block has been put on the north side of the building, nice huh?  Also they are loading fiberboard of some kind in through the windows.

Wednesday parking very congested.  My ride gets me there and back to home.  Today it was quadruple parking at times what with the MRI van and patients.

Different level same view just off Fifth street. Very fast work.

This is the same view closer to the new building where the 360 turn around will drive right up to the entrance to the lab.  Handy.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brick laying.

The workmen started putting stone work up on the north end of the building this week, very pretty. 

The parking lot has been an absolute zoo.  Triple parking etc.
Thank goodness I still got my ride on Wednesday. 

Also a couple days ago I woke up from an extremely colorful dream.  I was inside a Japanese style house.  As I walked outside onto the porch area, I could see many people using very colorful bits of paper making what appeared to be a giant origami.  There was a river running by the left of the house and some one was putting baskets into the stream and pushing them away with a long pole.  The baskets were filled with wrapped bundles.  Further upstream was a lovely Moon bridge.  As I looked up I saw a bi-wing airplane flying over head, I think it was made of bamboo.  It landed to the right of the house, folded its wings neatly up and over the body of the fuselage and putt putted over to park by the house.  I looked up and the house was situated in a beautiful little valley, the hills were shrouded in the morning glow of pink sunrise all misty and water colored.  I looked many of these symbols up at the dream interpretation site.  Origami generally means creativity.  Air planes landing means a plan has come to fruition.  A calm river means one is going with the flow.  A bridge means a transition point.  My oh my.  Well very entertaining.  No sound though. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

tastes better than it looks.

Went shopping for ingredients for tamale pie.  I could NOT find frozen onion rings, so I experimented with a bag of those cute itty bitty baby potatoes.  These must be miniature Yukon Gold as they were still quite firm once cooked up.  I had three nice fresh tomatoes that I diced up and tossed along with the other ingredients.  I think it will taste better tomorrow, it just looks odd but smells wonderful!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oooh, isn't it pretty?

These are some of the beams that have been craned into place on the roof of the new hospital building.  I went outside this morning and took this as the sun cleared the mountain in back of us.  Lovely day in the neighborhood.  We will be able to see the beams from inside the atrium once it is all enclosed.