Thursday, January 19, 2017

Too bad you don't earn college credits for listening to Radiolab.

Was scrolling through past offerings of Radiolab and saw one entitled "The Buries Bodies Case".
Hmm not  normally my cup of tea.

In 1974 Three teenagers and a girl pitched a tent in a forest in the Adirondacks.  Some man dressed as a ranger type rousted them out of their tents.  He told him he had killed before.  He marched two kids off into the woods and made them take turns tying each other up.  He went back for the other two.

The three kids could hearing something happening.  The killer had stabbed the first kid five times in the chest.  They became very scared and got out of the ropes and ran.  He caught one of the boys and made him lie down in a ditch.  Pretty soon the other two kids   brought back the law.  The killer got up and ran off into the woods.   They discovered the boy tied up to the tree dead.  Huge man hunt.   People were so scared they left camping supplies where they were and left the area.  As a result the killer could pick and choose survival supplies.  They finally apprehended this guy and he was assigned a lawyer.  The Lawyer didn't want to do it, but it was a small country and the judge appointed the Lawyer as defense.  The lawyer wanted to go for guilty due to insanity to get him into a mental facility because he was fairly nuts.  At one point the killer confessed to his defense attorney that he had killed two local girls and told them where they were buried; one was in a cemetery and one was down a mine shaft.  The lawyer went out and actually located the one in the mine.  Now he was really stuck due to client/lawyer confidentiality.  He asked for a plea deal with  prosecution so he could shed some light on the missing girls, but they would not cut a deal.  So he was still stuck with knowledge of where those girls were and could not share that information.  So they put on the stand and got the killer to tell his entire life story and it was disgusting; all sorts of abuse, rapes, etc.  During testimony the missing girls finally came to light.  So at long last those other unrelated crimes to this charge was finally brought to light and the families had some closure.  The killer was given maximum prison term and sent away.  The aftermath of all this was that the Defense attorney was brought up on all sorts of Grand Judy, Ethics investigation.  He actually had a heart attack during this period.  Ultimately the grand jury found that the Defense Attorney had acted correctly.  If you take law classes at any University in America this case is studied for Ethics. 

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Correction: Buried Bodies Case.