Monday, January 23, 2017

Ted talks

Last night I listened to the Ted talk and the topic was the five senses;
1.  Hearing.  A woman was encouraged to put musical tones to the signals from the universe.   The song for a gamma ray blast was a surprisingly sprightly tinkly tune.  This application apparently yields valid data for other scientists.

2.  Sight.  A young man was diagnosed at age 13 with a degenerative retinal disease and he was blind by age 25.  He went through all sorts of rehab and he decided on his own to embrace the blindness, he was quite remarkable to listen to.

3. Taste.  A scientist is studying gene's trying to locate the gene for the taste of fat, so if successful there will be six senses.

Unfortunately I tend to nod off during some of these podcasts and I may have to go back and review.

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