Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tour of HIM dept in new hospital.

This is a small office across the hall that will hold two small desks, the copier and incomplete charts for the physicians to finish.

OY!  The rest of the space is gorgeous!  

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pouring cement and take out chicken erp...

Today the guys directed the cement truck up onto the ER road entrance to pour concrete into some forms.  

They came back again to pour more...cement.

And this is what it looked like after they left.  Beats me, the plan show some sort of covering for the drive way so maybe these are footers for a really BIG roof like thingie?

Also I am now going to review a local eatery,  I shall not name names.  It all started because I mentioned at lunch that I would really like some good fried chicken.  Some one piped up and said, "XYZ has pretty good fried chicken", So today, I stopped in and ordered six pieces box to go as well as a small veggie pizza for the hubs.  Got home, handed off pizza, settled in with my crisp white box o chicken.   Well,first of all the chicken was in reasonably recognizable pieces, two legs, two thighs, two breasts. Coated in a a very brittle coating and well WELL cooked.  No chance of salmonella here, my friend.  So I daintily picked off most of the crust because it was so hard and sharp that I feared impaling my gums on the crusty bits.  Over all two to three mouthfuls from each piece, detritus routed directly to the ah, recycling center.  Mini review from the hubs, he picked the pineapple off the veggie pizza. hah?   So next time I am foaming at the mouth for fried chicken I will go get a chicken, butcher it into the traditional pieces, spice it, dredge in flour, fry until golden brown and delicious and then finish off in the oven or crock pot to desired of done.

I will then ponder the character who recommended this and think that mayhap he has never had a really good piece of fried chicken. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Strange Dream

Woke up from a strange traveling dream.

I and a couple other people were driving around in what I assumed was San Francisco only the landscape was curiously flat.  Lots of 4 to 6 story buildings, busy streets.   We were driving, strangely enough, a pick up truck not unlike that pictured above.  There were seats in front and there was a second row of seats arranged stadium style. 

We parked in front of the hotel where we were staying.  The placed was um "industrial". My room had a huge bed in it and there were several doors that lead into hallways at several spots. People would come and go through those doors er because it was still working hours and the people were busy in the factory just next door.  Thus the doors into the hallways. 

The host of the establishment encouraged us to go outside after 5 pm and stroll to the local shops and restaurants because it was a very lively district. 

I have not gone to the dream interpretation web site.  But I would guess the main symbols are travel and constant interruptions. 

Jeez.  G'night.


BEFORE, yargh, ick, blech....

AFTER..........sigh....nice....sigh.... I feel much better.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Celebrations and incidental weather

Because I have a collection of crystal/glass etc candle sticks sitting on the fireplace mantle, husband went shopping and found what looked like nifty candle sticks.  Turns out they were little bud vases so to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary, he purchased a couple of pretty roses to go in the candlestick/bud vases.  We also received a 25 percent off on dinner at Bennetti's, I think some Gorgonzola Steak is on the menu sometime soon, lucky us!!

It was very cold this morning, hovered around 40 this afternoon so the freezy snow melted off by 3 p.m.  Nice!  

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I thought were were all done with the giant wall in the back of the hospital. Nope, no one allowed to park on that side all day Saturday, so the boys could build a small tasteful retaining wall.  At this point I hope there is room to plant some sturdy sun loving plants so the deer can come nibble.

Oh and today we actually had a teensy bit of snow. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

General update

1.  Bathtub remodel.  Demolition went perfectly last Saturday and Sunday.   Husband and contractor got two pieces of ancient iron schlepped downstairs onto the lawn.  Remainder of Sat/Sun worky worky worky.  And at least we have running water if no actual hook up to tub.  Looking forward to long soak status post final hook up.

2.   URI resolved.  Was seen in ER 01-04-12 with seriously sore throat, doc diagnosed probable strep, gave me antibiotics and Tylenol 3's, boy do they ever work good. Sore throat finally gone, damn streptococcal germs.

3.  Computer -- have sound, hubby got wireless printer to print an actual document on new PC.  He loaded on free version of Open Office which recognizes and is compatible with all sorts of documents.  Yay!!  Printer allows me to do Turbo tax. I yam thrilled.

4.  Need to kidnap teen aged geekazoid to transfer files from old lappy to new PC.  I HAVE followed directions!  I. Can't. Follow. Directions.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Today we got the new back up generator for the hospital installed inside the "cubby" located RIGHT outside my office window.

The wind was rather brisk and the crane operator came within scratching distance of the wall, whole thing is heavy enough to knock down a whole bowling alley.

Next event will be a live test once they get it fueled up and all approved for use etc.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I been sick

This is a sample picture of Strep throat.   I have been sick with a pounding sore throat since last Friday.  Finally went to be seen in ER on Wednesday morning.  Dr. Fritz looked in my mouth, asked if I was a smoker, I said nope and he said , "Looks like strep".

So I am on a short course of antibiotics Azythromycin and Tylenol with Codeine.  Phew!.   That combination knocks you right out. 

I woke up this morning mildly hungry and fixed a bowl of Malto O Meal.  Yummy.  Oh, and I have a very soft, nearly nonexistent voice.  Gonna take a short all day nap,now.  'Bye.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Okay, OKAY, Happy New Years already!

We went shopping Friday it was my day off, the power went off during a dark and stormy night, well early afternoon.

We went to Freddy's got a few supplies. Then it was suggested that we go to Staples and look around.  I purchased my HP Pavilion in2005 shortly before my year long stay in Dillingham,AK. It was a nifty machine for a grand and had all the latest bells and whistles.
Now it only whistles.

Brother in law had given the diagnosis that it was old and slow.

I actually priced a sound card and video card on line. Boy Howdy, yeah lets go to Staples. 

The Assistant Store Manager helped us. I looked at a mini tower and he pointed out that it was not recommended get this model at a lower price and more memory (A terabyte).  Okay, new screen?  We have one that works now.  He recommended an Acer, picture of which you see.   The tower comes with a single drive that plays CD and DVD etc.  We also opted for a 2 terabyte external hard drive,
a pack of DVR+R, um a 50 dollar Epson printer,that scans, faxes, etc.  I put my little memory card from the Kodak and it downloaded all 600 or so pictures, the one above is of this screen,
We purchased a 3 year warranty thingy for not a lot, at first I was going to refuse but he pointed out the computer parts no longer come from USA and only Sony is from Japan. So, yeah sign me up.
Gave him plastic. Amazon.com is going to give me reward points! Ooh boy.

We are currently hooked up to the Internet through the magic of some strategically placed power cords and a little mumbo-jumbo.

It is nice to be able to go online at nose bleed speeds once again.