Saturday, November 19, 2011


As is common with my viewing habits, I came across this film entirely by accident surfing the channels.  Ah hah! Let's see what this is all about.

The above picture is from Julie & Julia.  A young woman's husband challenges herself to cook all of Julia Child's recipes over the period of one year and blogs about it.  Interspersed are peeks into both of their lives.  I thought Meryl Streep did an outstanding job of looking 6 foot tall and only a little over the top portrayal of Julie Child, not quite a over the as that of SNL.  There were two instances during the film that truly deserved two hankies; the first one came along in the early years in Paris, Julia had just received a letter from her recently married sister announcing that she was pregnant.  Julia had always wanted children and burst into tears, as her husband comforted her, she sobbed briefly into his chest, patted him dearly and assured him that she was so happy.  I wept.

The second instance was near the end of the film, the young blogger couple had gone to visit the display of Julia Child's kitchen that had been donated to the Smithsonian (I could have the wrong museum here..) and they were taking picture and oohing and ahhing.   To one site was a portrait of Julie Child and during a close up, Julie looks up at the portrait sneaks a block of butter on the niche beneath and whispers, "I love you, Julia.".  I wept.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Yesterday was donate blood day at the community building.  I had  a 4:45 pm appointment and I walked in, handed over my donor card and didn't have to wait very long at all.  The whole thing took about an hour.  They were very busy.  There were four donation tables.  They take your blood pressure, pulse, weight and do a finger stick to check your hemoglobin.  Then you sit in front a computer and answer 49 questions about travel, exposure to Aids, drugs, etc.  I had to have help with one question, I inadvertently answered yes to did I take aspirin so the nice man had to sign on and get that straightened out.  After giving a pint, I got to go to the "canteen" area for juice and a cookie.  They ladies at the canteen very carefully disposed of the empty juice can because not do they recycle they take off the tabs for donation to Ronald McDonald houses.
Very cool. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Cactus

This is the Christmas Cactus I have had for several years, as soon as the days begin to shorten, the blooms start forming and this year is the most blooms I have ever had.  Husband thinks it is blooming in appreciation for actually getting watered on a semi-occasional basis.  What ever works.

I am going to think peaceful thoughts, I am not going to envision choking anyone that I work with.  Really....I am going to Pray mightily that certain people get what they need most and if they can throw in a tenor solo (ten or more miles away and so low I cannot hear them) so much the better.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today I went walk about as I had a 9 am appointment at the clinic just down the hill.  I left a bit early in order to take a few pictures.  This is the west side of the building lower level.

The road has undergone a bit of construction this week, there were three great huge concrete box like structures brought and placed in trenches cut across the road, for under ground utilities, we had flaggers, and traffic has been one way for a couple of days now.

This is the view from the clinic parking lot looking up hill.  The part of the building that is standing out from the surface is where radiology and lab and respiratory therapy and maybe physical therapy will be located.  Mr. Z's office is on the floor beneath that in roughly the same location.
This is the view from the north end, if you will look very carefully you may notice that they have windows installed.  Good tight windows are a very good thing when it rains sideways here.