Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Littler cottage in the hood.

I noticed that the owner has been carefully working on the smaller structure behindish the slightly larger cottage. Matching mint green paint.  That will look very pretty when it's done.   I think some of the former family actually lived in the garage sized building. 

Dropped into the glasses place today, got home and there was a message from them asking how my new glasses were doing.

So, I decided to drop in.  My glasses are just fine except for when I lie in bed and read.  I noticed that the bit that goes over the ears sits every so slightly proud from the back side of my skull.  This then scritches against the pillow which I find annoying.

So the lady gently warmed them up and straightened them out a bit. I will test them later tonight as I fire up the Kindle to read sumpin' sumpin.... or play slots. 

I am truly thankful.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Slightly different tamale pie

Since purchasing a couple bags of cornbread stuffing I decided to use one bag in my tamale pie recipe.  Hmph! 

As it turns out, there was no net savings in time involved, prep time about the same.

Roast three peppers, 20 minutes.
Saute chopped onion, chop strips of breakfast style beef, open can of whole olives and slice in half to check for pits, open can of tomatoes.  Simmer 30 minutes, put in 8 ounces of ricotta cheese, chop roasted peppers, open bag of cornbread mix in a VERY LARGE BOWL, add slightly cooled mixture of meat and veg.  Pour into suitable sized casserole dishes, 350 degree oven for 45 minutes, top with frozen onion rings, for another 20 minutes. 

You can eat it hot, you can cool it off and eat it cooler.  Got two bunches out of this and will pop a well wrapped one into the freezer. Very tasty!  One of the peppers was a largish jalapeno and gave the dish a bit of a kick. Yummy!!

Friday, September 6, 2013


Oh Yummy! This is a picture of a Lady Baltimore Cake.  There was a bakery in Novato that sold these things in the 60's, and one would be purchased for various celebrations.  It consists of layers of light yellow cake, the layers were usually spread with lemon curd and bananas laid on top of that. Frosting was whipped cream with strawberries on top.  and there might even be some plastic dingus on top. Do Not Consume the dingus. Delish! No idea if I would even FIND one to purchase around here and having read the recipe,I would rather find one ready made.

Okay,today we are going out to our favorite Italian place to celebrate the day.  The place has been remodeled. They took out the gorgeous 500 gallon aquarium to put in 500 square feet more of tables.

Also in the local news, our facility has chosen to purchase Cerner HIS/EHR! Whee.  If all goes well over the next six months we will qualify for meaningful use and get money from the govmint for doing so.  I can hardly wait for all filing to go away, all squabbling over multiple requests for the same charts.  All of the sheer manual drudgery will go away. There will be a new learning curve.  Yeah!!