Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cauliflower and Broccoli two ways


Hmmm, too many cooking shows.

We went shopping at Freddy's and amongst other items picked up a pristine white head of cauliflower and four lovely crispy stalks of broccoli. 

This morning I decided to make B&C salad with raisins, frozen peas, chopped onion, sunflower seeds and dressing consisting of mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar and four packets of the yellow packaged sugar.

I took the stems and stalks of both cauliflower and broccoli, sliced them up and brought them to a boil until just barely cooked.   Drained water, poured into casserole and topped left over bottled 4 cheese Alfredo sauce, fresh grated nutmeg topped with sprinky dink of shredded parm and some more sunflower seeds, bake 30 minutes at 350 to get the cheese a lovely brown in bits bake.  Husbands says delish but allows as how the salad would be better for him. The baked dish won't last long.

Other viewing news:

Project Runway Season 11 has begun.  Started with sixteen designers and the main deal this season is that ALL challenges will be team challenges.  Oy!  These are on the whole a bunch of lone wolves and are not well known for playing well together.   Through various interviews you get a flavor for who might have the right skills. One team worked very well together and won.  The other team lost their youngest team member, a very nice young woman who sent a model down the runway in a glued together skirt, jacket and top that tied together in back. Time got away from her.  Too bad.

Preppers:  Regardless of their reasons for prepping it is nice to see people preparing for disaster. I much prefer the community approach.   I thought the episode with the two long distance truck driver couple was interesting.  Gotta buy 14,000 dollars worth of camo just to cover the truck. Ouch.   We quit.  We buy. We out.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Sad Passing of a Favorite Auntie


A couple years back I took a picture of the Cow Camp. Time has not been kind to the actual building but I and most of my siblings have fun memories of the Cow Camp. In the summer my uncle and family moved to the Cow Camp so he could manage a large cattle ranch. It was a treat to go for ride with him in the jeep when he set out salt blocks.

There was no electricity. Light was from kerosene lanterns, warmth and food was from a wood burning stove. There was a hand pump and a sink. My aunt Fern ironed clothes using sad irons. These were solid metal irons that heated on the wood stove,very heavy things. I would have settled for wrinkles. One of my favorite dishes was cinnamon pull apart that my aunt made. Mom tried that recipe once but it was very labor intensive and didn't last much past a brief cool down period. There were beds upstairs that all the kids slept in there were a bunch of us and there were thunder mugs under each bed.  I have a singular memory of being shown the contents of one of those mugs and thinking that the it looked like canned tamales that came wrapped in paper, never quite got over that.

Us kids loved to go hunt for dynamite wire. Bits and pieces of the blue, yellow and red stuff could be found at a nearby blast site. We would scramble around and gather the stuff up and weave rings and bracelets. If there were any snakes amongst the rocks we probably scared them to death.

One of my favorite memories from Cow Camp involved a porcupine liver. One summer that we visited somehow a deer came to a slightly out of season's end on the property. Dad and my Uncle put the carcase in the barn. To keep us cousin's big ears and big mouths occupied, my uncle showed us a piece of lodge pole pine studded with porcupine quills. Very impressive. Even better was the large bowl containing the heart and liver. This is the Gods' honest truth, for years after that, my best story at school was "Do you know how big a porcupine's liver is? It's almost as big as the porcupine!". I was almost of legal age when Mom and Dad told me the other side of the story.

Aunt Fern had recently been hospitalized with pneumonia. Judy Horn Trent face booked that she had died.  Uncle Clayton has been ill himself.  And prayers are flying every where.  Aunt Fern had just the best sense of humor, she worked hard, loved her family and as near as I can remember, I don't think she ever wore anything but a dress for every day wear.  God Bless you and keep you, Aunt Fern.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

weekly update

I did make French Toast this morning but this picture is an old one.  It was still delish!

My new manager started work on the 7th.  Our HR person took her all over town looking for housing rentals and they found one, they peeked inside a little gray house on 8th, determined that it was empty and then started sleuthing to find the owner, who had just put it on Craig's list.   KLL is our new manager and is most welcome. This means I may actually get a vacation this year.

Husband and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary on the 10th, we went out for dinner at Benneti's in Coos Bay. He had Gorgonzola Steak and I had Surf and Turf (A skewer of shrimp and a balsamic pepper corn sauce steak.)  Sigh....wonderful.

I read an interesting article about raw onions and other cold remedies.   I have a sore throat this morning,I am headed out shortly for some Zicam and onions.  The onions are supposed to be cut open in a bowl which is to be located next to your bed to absorb and bad germs.  ....oy.... gah...