Monday, February 13, 2017

Two fer's

Dreams; Two --

First dream of last night:  I dreamt that I was moving, dunno where, but it felt New Yorkish or San Franciscoish.  We were in the apartment, couldn't find all my boxes.  The kitchen didn't have any appliances in it.  The flat was a simple one bedroom, bath, open living, dining, incomplete kitchen.  What!?  There were sliders to the deck so I went outside. The deck was huge, went out 40 feet or so and was covered in indoor outdoor carpet.  There were lumpy protrusions underneath the carpet.  I said to Charlie (Apparently he was helping me move) lets look under the carpet.  We pulled the carpet back and there were huge windows down into a very large apartment and I exclaimed, "There are my boxes!" Sure enough there all sorts of moving boxes down below.  Yay! And the kitchen had appliances.  So we went down there and there was some weird furniture along two walls, sort of like a banquet only the seats were individual chairs rather on the small side, no table.  There were 13 chairs along both sides of the wall and I wondered out loud if a coven of witches used to live here. At one point I looked outside, there was a small one way lane going downhill into a two way highway, so we had parking.  Charlie urged me to hurry up as we would be late to the Giants game.  Then I woke up.  Neither of us would go see a Giants game having never been interested in the sport. 

Second dream of last night: I dreamt that I was foot racing. I was competing against some other people who were racing kind of long distance in some kind of endurance race. (Two words not usually associated with myself; endurance and race).  There were lots of people watching and it must have also been timed as no winner was declared.  I noticed that the girl ahead of me was naked.  So I looked down and sure enough I was naked.  Dammit, I hate when that happens, fortunately no one seemed to think anything of it.  Sheesh.

I only ate my usual small frequent meals as the elderly are coached to do, so can't blame weird ingredients on content of dreams. Oh well.