Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday Evening Viewing:

Masterpiece Theater, Friday night here on the rainy southern Oregon coast.

Episode 4? Baskerville Hound.

Um, not my favorite of the Sherlock saga, however, getting all 21st century Baskerville becomes a super secret lab with animals and stuff um on the dim dreary moors.

1.  We get to see Sherlock experience doubt.  This enrages him to the point of near incoherence.  
2.  We get to see Sherlock be wrong about something.
3.  We get to see Sherlock sort of apologize.
4.  We get to see the 7% solution loosely interpreted as nicotine. "Mrs. Hudson! Where is my secret stash!?!?!".
5.  We do not see a hound, they talk about it, red eyes and such.
6.  A local vegetarian pub orders a huge stock of meat and Watson figures out they have a dog stashed in a mine to terrorize the country side and provide sightings for the "monster tourists". 
7.  We see Sherlock use his memory palace to assemble and deduce clues.  Very graphic.
8.  End scene is someELSE using HIS memory palace with Sherlock repeated a hundred times or so, new case coming up? Yeah.
9.  Swell close up of Cumberbatch Sherlock Blue eyes. um um um. 
10. Have concluded that Watson actually slightly resembles Ron Weasely. Wizard!!