Friday, August 22, 2014

It was just an innocent Volcano....

Woke up from restless night, read, played my games, bathroom a couple of times and then a horrific dream. I was visiting what appeared to be hillbilly friends in the mountains. There were people all over the house and they were all asking me to solve various problems. Would I deposit a check for someone, would I take someone to town etc. Then all of a sudden we were fleeing from a combination volcanic eruption and forest fire in a rickety vehicle that I was driving. I couldn't find my purse. So finally got about half the people loaded up and drove down a very narrow road, crashing through fences and over ditches and finally crashed into some kind of research station and it looked like we were going to have to get out here and get off the mountain using alternate transportation. I dunno know.  Husband woke me and I was very glad to wake from that dream, purse was located in its usual location. One good thing? We are going to my appointment at 9 am in Myrtle Point and then eating out at Kozy Kitchen.

We toddled off to breakfast, he ordered veggie omelet and I ordered Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. Yum.

As we sat there munching away, I told him my stupid dream.

I also said, “I learned a new internet word while I was looking up Volcano on the dream web site.”

“Oh, what was the word?”



“Vlogging is apparently a You Tube video posted by people on how to something. For instance I when I looked up how to make Gorgonzola Steak Sauce. I didn't know it was called Vlogging... for Video blogging.”

He looked at me and asked, “Why would you want to make Golden Jello sauce?”.

“ Gorgon ZOLA steak sauce!”

We blinked a couple of times, and started giggling like a crazy. The waitress came over and asked and we had to explain what had happened and she got the giggles.

After that all anyone had to say was Golden Jello Sauce and the giggles started again.

Oh, and the dream symbol for Volcano is all about losing control of your emotions. Like when you get the giggles over someone mentioning Golden Jello Sauce.

This also prompted a childhood memory that I then related to husband. Several decades ago one of the Aunt's was visiting and we were all sitting around the kitchen table yakking away. Somehow different recipes were being discussed and she contributed her part, “I have a recipe for lemon jello with tuna fish....” dead silence. Mom knew we were all primed for a round of very rude sniggering so she leapt up to get her recipe box in preparation of writing it down. I excused myself down the hall to howl in the bathroom and flush several times. Social disaster narrowly averted. Maybe she could have called it Golden Jello salad.....

 Now, remember that the main ingredients in our childhood dinners consisted of meat, potatoes and dessert. Mom had tons of recipe using Jello. We had NO idea that jello could be used in a savory recipe. Dad's idea of salad was a wedge of iceberg with Thousand Island dressing smeared all over. Or perhaps whole radishes to be dipped in salt. The main dishes were spaghetti, hamburgers, roasts, chili, fried chicken, potatoes in all kinds of casseroles and many, many desserts.   If anyone remembers any other jello horrors, do let me know.