Saturday, July 28, 2012

Open ceremonies

My absolute favorite moment was where Daniel Craig being all James Bond escorts Queen Elizabeth to the games via helicopter with a very dashing fly through the Tower Bridge and then the parachute (whoops of giggles) into the stadium. Nicely done! I especially loved Mr. Bonds smirk at the Corgies anxious looks as the helicopter took off.

The rest of it was of course the usual symbolic portrayals of various bits of history in England.  To sort of quote Michelle Obama when asked if she thought England was prepared for the Olympics, "They pulled off a major wedding, a Diamond Jubilee, yes I think they have this."  Yep.

I do appreciate the speedy dash of the Athletes.  I love the costumes and the American uniforms looked very good even if they were made in China. I liked the hats.  I still remember when the Russians showed up in Sable. Ye Gods that was gorgeous.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

We are going to have a few things done...

We are in the midst of  refinance from 7% to 3.5%,  the appraiser was here and I shudder to imagine what he may recommend we fix before the bank gives its blessing. 

In the meantime we asked one of Tim's sisters favorite contractors to come take a look.  He has offered to fix the sun room roof, paint the house, take down all the blackberry and Ivy as well as service the TRANE for X amount of dollars,all done in two weeks, half up front please. Okay break out one of the plastic check thingies.  

 Um,which brings me to my second financial project, withdrawing X amount of dollars from my retirement account from a former employer.  Now I have to fax these documents to another time zone, hope to get the correct signature in the correct spot and get them faxed back, fax them to the place in Texas and then hold my breath waiting for a phone call telling me I missed something and start all over.

Oh and to top it all off I pissed of an official at the bank where we are trying to refinance by going in to get someone to notarize husbands spousal agreement to the disbursement. The officious insincere little snot said that her training precluded notarizing anything unless the form was completely filled out.  WTF??

Wait, I CANNOT fill it all out because I have to FAX it to ANOTHER TIME ZONE so The plan administrator must sign the thing.  And they won't do that without a notarized spousal agreement.

Wait, I'll check with my supervisor.  Nope,sorry.

Thanks for the help, not.

Went to the Courthouse and explained the situation who then cheerfully notarized the spousal consent signature for FIVE BUCKS so there, take THAT, behotch.

So today I took a half day off, we went to Sherwin Williams and picked out Snow something (dirty creamy white) and Secure Blue (medium blue with enough gray to look kind of like slate on a bad day).  We were told Sherwin Williams can give us numbers that will translate to Home Depot where the contractors will order most of the supplies. Short explanation: I picked these colors because they resemble the current paint color and I am sticking with these choices for the reason that if I chose yellow for the trim it would not cover the blue very well.  Yeppers.

I am excited to see what the old girl looks like after a good power wash. I shall post nasty pictures.

And you know what they say about remodeling, there will be surprises.  I think we have mold. breathing in the sun room.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Security badges

Disclaimer;  the opinions expressed on this blog do not necessarily reflect those opinions of the HUD financed health organization hereinfore specifically not addressed by formal nomenclature.

Yes, good swipe

No, bad swipe.

Been shopping

Husband picked me up Monday in the battle-ax rust-bucket etc Van.

"Um, what happened to the buggy?"

At this point I have taken over the narrative and substituted fifteen minutes of explanation, arm waving and plot exposition with the following:

"Had to take it to the Auto clinic to get the radiator flushed."


At this point I have taken over the narrative and substituted fifteen minutes of explanation, arm waving and plot exposition with the following:

"I stopped at Whoozit and they have an armoire, wanna go look?"

So we picked up the buggy, shopped the Armoire at Whoozit in the back of the van, and what followed loading, unloading, schlepping it upstairs was worthy of the best of Laurel and Hardy. No one actually hurt, you understand, but there was plenty of potential.

Fits in very snug next to the one hallway upstairs bookcase, also purchased from the fine people at Whoozit.

Small digression. For some reason the spellchecker does not reconize armoire.  I am not sure if it spelled correctely, but I cannot go Google without closing this page, so here goes,  saving and posting.