Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bits and Pieces

It occurs to me that I left out any pictures of the helipad.  Yep those trees in the background are sufficiently away so that they do not interfere with the helicopter landing. 

This is the view from the fence in the back, the view is nearly straight down and there is a creek way way down there.

As I drove home today I decided to stop at McKay's and pick up some giant mushrooms, some sweet Italian sausage, spring onions, 8 ounces of cream cheese.  Take off stems, gently grill the shrooms, place in 8 x 12 inch glass casserole.  Saute the sausage, add the chopped onions, tsp chopped garlic, when the mean has brown, turn off skillet and add block of cream cheese, stir in until melted. Spoon onto shrooms, top with buttered bread crumbs, bake 350 for twenty minutes.  Enjoy!  This is NOT low calorie vegan fare.  Manga!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I just like Weird Al

And having said that, I will meander through the following conversation.

Weather, rainy. Hey I live in Oregon.

Work; lots of it. The one thing we really did not  plan for was the uptick in business.
We were open about fifteen minutes and an OB walked in and gave birth in the next half hour.
The ER has been very busy, the inpatient side has been very busy, we have 18 beds, most of them were occupied for a two week stretch. The nurses were running ragged. The lab was pulling sixteen hour shifts on the weekend. Radiology was down one tech and the hours mounted up there as well.  I too have taken to pouting a little bit when I can't get my work done for the day.

Home:  Good, lawn gets mowed, meals get cooked on  weekly basis, usually. The cats are flourishing and gradually training their humans to treat them in the manner they wish.   We do get the odd missionaries dropping by.  I have found being a little friendly and wishing them firmly on their way works pretty well.

Car:  Still working.  I hate car payments. 

Other Car:  Still working although is leaking now and is parked under  tarp.

BOOKS:  Up to almost 3000.  Don't have them all cataloged yet.

PLAN B: Retire,work part time, start book store, work part time, do transcription from store. It could work.