Monday, February 22, 2016

A bit more on my medical adventure

Finally Almost two handed typing right hand very shaky.  On January 8th I fell down a full flight of stairs from upstairs to first floor.  I bounced a couple times, scraped up the left hand, hit my head and landed on my right shoulder breaking the humeral head in FOUR parts and shoving it into the chest cavity, collapsing the lung and breaking three ribs, I think.  Tim came tearing down to me and I said that we needed to get to the ER room. He somehow got me up on my feet and sitting in the seat behind him.  It was late so we parked in the garage near the ER elevator.  He had to buzz the  nurses to get a wheelchair and away we went.  I dimly remember meeting the ER doc and part of the CT scan or MRI of whatever tunnel I was in.  Two days later I woke up in ICU at OHSU. One of my siblings was feeding me ice chips.  I was so thirsty.  Carla, Phillip and Mitch had come to visit.  I loved seeing those guys.  Day spent sleeping and making noxious smells.  I was wired for food via nose, oxygen and all sorts of IV junk.

Phil and Mitch left the next day. Carla stayed another couple of days, God Bless her.  We got caught up and told jokes.  I asked her what was the funniest joke she had ever heard.  She said that one time she was in the library at Northwest Nazarene in Nampa where Silence was the absolute rule. This kid she knew walked up to her and asked, “What did the elephant say to the naked man?”  I
 dunno replied Carla.  The elephant said, “How do you breathe with that thing?”

She had to run down two flights of stairs to go outside to laugh out loud.  I liked the joke so much I kept telling over to each new caregiver who came along.

As a matter of fact while I was in the hospital I kind of lost control of all my social filters, I flirted with all the men. I chatted with the ladies.  I told terrible jokes as well.  I told my orthopedist here on follow up about all the beautiful men and women who worked at OHSU.  He grimaced and said that I must have gotten some really excellent drugs.  Ah well.  Tim had gone home to take care of the kitties and get ready to come back a couple days prior to my discharge.  Richard called to say he, Jim and Gale were going to drive over from Idaho for a visit.  Wow!  Tim drove up the same day and it was quite a get together.  We played “Do you remember?” until about 10 pm.  I was great seeing them, crossing the Blues in Winter!!!

They left and drove to Yoncalla for a visit with  Phil and Jody.

We left the hospital Monday MLK day.  Got to about exit 288 I-5 South and the alternator died.  Called Triple AAA, purchased a membership, waited about 45 minutes to get towed to AAA approved repair shop and the tow driver, John Jones drove us all over Tualatin to a car rental shop.  We got their last car, one of the smallest plastic cars I have ever seen.  I did like the gigantic single windshield washer blade.

We took off in an epic rain storm that rained all the way up and down the coast.  It was like a cow peeing on a flat rock. The traffic was bumper to bumper from Portland to Salem.  At one point we sat still on I-5 for a good fifteen minutes.  The day finally caught up with us at North Salem and floundered around at Arby’s for roast beef Sammy and drinks and found a Phoenix Inn and that was the end of us for the day.

Breakfast bar next morning tasted wonderful.  We got packed up and Tim went to load up the rental and he came back in a few minutes. The key wouldn’t open the door we might have to call the rental company to ask for help.  One of the guys at the front desk went out to help and it turned out that the does work….. when you put it in the correct car.   Giggles.  So off we went.  Took the Drain turn off and finally at long last, made it home. Thanks to every one who called or came to visit.  I love you all.

Phil volunteered to drive Tim to pick up repaired buggy so they drove up the 26th. Phil kept
Tim entertained by telling him the four hour long saga of how he and
Jody wound up in Yoncalla. Tim got home late afternoon. 

Jody decided to bring back the Honda and they arrived a few minutes later.  We visited a bit long enough for Jody to bond with our new kitty, Charlie.  Thanks guys!!!

I am in a shoulder sling.  I am getting therapy with Alex at the PT place.  I made it to me rescheduled eye appointment and they will be scheduling me for laser each eye.  Says it is painless and can be done in Coos Bay.  Okay. Now must tussle with Pacific Source over drug coverage…..
Just received bill from Life Flight for the trip from Portland airport to OHSU. That trip was 6 miles long and was about 1700 hundred dollars. My portion is a buck ninety five...