Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 15, 2015:

I have been re-reading Dune by Frank Herbert.   This was prompted by a Facebook posting all about a fan created DUNE using the original movie with restored cuts etc.   I tried to view it but the video had been taken down.   Hmmm

I first read the book sometime after 1964 when it was first published. Dune won a Hugo award, the first Nebula award and a movie and television series were created based on the book.

Ok, having seen the movie several times I can say that there were some fairly mild liberties taken with the plot.  Only one complaint regarding casting.  Sting cast as Feyd Ruatha Harkonnen was completely off.  Feyd and Usel were secretly cousins.  Sting made a lovely menacing Feyd but the book had him with black hair, lithe, etc. 

Plot points:  The movie implied much more involvement of the Guilds than was actually going on in the book.  Jessica’s part was much more involved in the book whereas in the movie, she was simply the lovely concubine of Duke Leto stuck in the desert.  The old mentat worked both sided of the street in the book.

It seemed that there were some Islamic influences in the book.  Jihad is part of the plot. Ramadan is mentioned and the cry of “We were denied Hajj!” was in memory of three slave pit rebellions on three different worlds.  I wonder if  Frank Herbert ever had a Fatwa issued.

Chani’s part was a bit murky so I will obviously have to watch Dune again.  I’m sure it will be on television some time soon.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Spent the day yesterday chasing primary care providers and specialists.  My FNP appointment was at 9 am.  She took me off Glipizide and will manage DM2 with insulin adjustments to save a little wear and tear on the kidneys.  See her in one month.  Drove to Roseburg to visit with my friend Sue and then toddled off to see Dr. K.  My labs are good, not anemic, see him in two months and he gave me a couple of candies.  He called me "Roycie" and I told him only my father was allowed to call me that but I would make an acception but that he would be a very young father.  He laughed and said he was older than me.  Nu uh! Yep, 72.  Well! Nicely preserved.  Husband stayed home being a bit under the weather.  I need more exercise just simply getting out of the danged house.  So today I shall made the arduous trip to the pharmacy and venture to the DMV to renew my driver's license.  Oy! I have to take an eye test so this could get dicey.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cool Saturday Morning

I enjoy listening to NRP on Saturday morning, while lying in bed not quite ready to get up and face the day.  Today Scott Simon of the soulful puppy eyes and worlds greatest belly laugh was reporting on various topics.  He introduced Penn and Teller who have worked together now for 40 years.  That is longer than most marriages.  There was an interview with an author who wrote "Under Tiberius" which as near as I can tell is the story of a Roman con man who goes on the road with Jesus.  The author sounded exhausted and cynical and may have hopes of literary prizes in his future.  Another piece was a new album by a lovely young thing whose muse was Nina Simone singing Bee Gee's covers.   Strange.  Some political stuff.  And at the top of the hour I was compelled to leap from my lovely morning snooze to face the day.   No belly laugh from Mr. Simon today.  Dang it.