Monday, May 4, 2015


Dear God: Who are you? You're not Morgan Freeman are you?

I am that I am and it iz whut it iz, although I like Mr. Freeman's voice. In the interest of moving things along we will limit this interview to five question.

1. Did you create everything?

Yes, if you are paying attention that includes everything, all possibilities, and as a result all of the bad things, complaining about things is irrelevant.

2. Do I have choices?

Oh yes that is all covered in free will.

3. Do pets go to Heaven?

Refer back to created everything. Some people simply won't see pets when they go to Heaven.

4. Do you like hymn music?

My favorite is my own Heavenly Choir which has been augmented over the eons by some very talented musicians from now and then and here and there. I have always appreciated the earnest praise from all choirs and have developed selective hearing in self defense.

5. Is there one true religion? 

Yes and so are all of the rest.

Then God giggled and the interview was over.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Blogger won't let me import pictures.  No idea how to get around that, dang it.

So will maunder about most recent medical perplexities.  Had routine labs drawn at CVH, got hot phone call before I even got home, TAKE EXTRA POTASSIUM, recheck blood next day.  Gulped down three pills that day and three pills since.  Must be okey dokey, no panic value phone calls. Yah!!

I visit my eye doctor on the 6th. Pretty sure I will be getting a huge change in prescription if not a referral for cataract surgery.  Things are all blurry.  Takes a long time to focus.  Unfortunately I cannot enlarge my font on this particular screen, so I could by typing crap.  I have been trying to blame all my typo's on auto correct, but that will only excuse close calls.  All the walls are wavy and my parking is not straight, even when I think I am parking straight, nopey.

Oh and yesterday, was struck down by the most exquisite right ankle pain I have ever felt. Took a couple of Alleve in the hopes that is either an arthritic joint flare or an episode of gout.  On a scale of 1 to 10 yesterday was a good solid 8. Today it's down to a manageable 2.  Am keeping the cane on standby in case I have to make any sudden (for me) movement.  I sucks getting old and I am thankful it doesn't hurt as bad as yesterday. 

So, look both ways before crossing anything.