Sunday, March 8, 2015


SUNDAY MORNING (CBS) March 8, 2015:

There were several reports this morning and I won't cover all of them, just the ones that were particularly moving, amusing, astounding.

DOPPELGANGERS: A famous photographer (Forgot his name already) was being interviewed because he has been locating and photographing people. The piece opened with some of his pictures, all twins. Oh, so this about twins. Ok. Well the people in the photographs are not twins, not related, they just look like each other, Doppelgangers. They interviewed three or four sets; the one most striking were the two blond women who were blond, heavy set, short thick necks, same eyes, face, height and separate unrelated parents. The gentleman will be publishing this photographic project in a book soon. I really want to pre-order that on Amazon. I also got to thinking about all these look-a-likes and wondered if the entire race on earth is starting to become homogenized so that similar DNA types pop up more frequently until we have evolved to look basically like our neighbors. And I do wonder if there is another Royce somewhere. I don't know if I could stand her.

CARL REINER: He is going on 93. His career came into prominence on The Show of Shows. They aired one bit; he was interviewing Mel Brooks who was the 2,000 year old man. Carl asked him if they practiced polygamy. Mel replied, "No I was perfect". Next question was how many wives did he have. Mel replied that he had seven wives. Well how was that? Oh, it was terrible!! When I came home from work, I heard "You're late for supper, supper, supper, supper, supper, supper, supper!" I screamed in laughter, I had never heard that one before.

HAMILTON: This one was a bit astounding. An actor/author (sorry short term memory, no name) has written a play about Alexander Hamilton and the dialog is all in Rap, Hip Hop. Ugh, not my favorite song genre. However, the story is quite wonderful and after a bit I started nodding my head in time with the rapsters and it was all cool, very cool. Now the show has been off Broadway and is soon to debut ON Broadway. As I will likely never go to New York in particular for a Broadway show, I sure would like to pre-order the DVD on Amazon. 

DAISY A DAY: There was a piece from On The Road. Two park workers in Fond Du Lac Wisconsin had started clearing the snowy path in a park when they noticed a senior citizen sitting in his car unable to get out because of the snow bank. The park had a bench at the end of the walk way with a picture of a woman on the bench. The gentleman comes to that bench each day to leave a daisy in memory of his wife and sings her favorite song, "I'll Bring You a Daisy a Day, Dear". Big Sniff.

SELMA: President Obama gave his speech at the rally and it was quite impressive, speaking in past, present and future phrasing with his distinctive soft/hard S sound. There was none of his famous hesitation before almost every word as he thinks to say the appropriate word. Well done, my Speech class teacher would have been proud.

MONARCH BUTTERFLYS: A man in Nebraska has let 44 acres of his farm land go unplanted with the local commercial crops. He has allowed native plants, grasses and flowers to grow, especially skunk week. He has done this in response to aid the annual migration of these beautiful insects. Hooray for entomology.

The program closed with a silent picture of nature as usual. It was a Snowy Owl. Very pretty.

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Saturday March 7, 2015  

Ahhhhh Saturday the day I usually lie in bed an extra hour and listen to NPR Weekend Edition with Scott Simon.
 This morning I woke to Dame Edna being interviewed and she was telling bits and pieces and one was that "Do you know what Crow's Feet are? My mother used to say that they were the dried beds of smiles" Awwwwwwwwww. Her next story was about her cosmetic surgery. Her surgeon looked her over and recommended that she needed to have a sweet little double chin. He took out an object from the freezer wrapped in Cling wrap. She wanted to know what it was, he told her it was Elizabeth Taylor's love handle. (Hardy har har har). And if you looked carefully there are some shallow indentations which were Richard Burtons finger prints. (Hardy har har har!)

Old Mystery Solved: I was thinking about dad and his thumb. When we were kids with asked him how come his thumb got cut off. He replied, "This is what happens when you suck your thumb". Oooooooh. 

Years and years later when I worked for Walter Knox Memorial Hospital, I would occasionally have to go over to the basement of the old hospital (Mary Secor) for microfilmed records. Sounds like a Catholic hospital doesn't it? Our Lady of Mary Secor. Um no, the doctor who build the hospital named the facility after his mother. 

Anyway I began the rather tedious process of bringing the old microfilmed records to the medical record department and putting them into microfiche jackets. They were microfilmed by year in no particular order, so I had to view each record and find the name so I could record on a log in order to retrieve it more easily if the record was ever needed. 
Surprise! Surprise! I found an old medical record for dad. It was when he injured his thumb. He was treated and released and the cost was $37.00. I told him I had found his old medical record and he explained for the very first time, I think, that he had been working at one of the Little's homes (Prominent local family). I think he said he was up on the roof, had an accident, smashed or cut this thumb. He was taken to the hospital. When it was all done he walked to his father's house and that was the end of his day.

Additional note: The old Mary Secor hospital was built on the same grounds as the Emmett Stables. So when people snort "Were you born in a barn!?" I can reply, "Nope in a stable!".