Friday, August 30, 2013

Does the Rose Bowl parade people know about this one?

Husband forwarded me pictures of a parade from Holland from the home town of Vincent Van Gogh.
These floats are made entirely of DAHLIAS!!!  They have been having this parade since 1936.

If you blow up the picture there is  website to visit.
I liked this one best but there was a clutch of surreal giraffes resembling a Medusa, a tigress and cubs,  a stylistic rhino,  A very realistic dairy cow who had a diorama of a dairy farm in side her. 

I'm wondering if these folks have ever thought of entering the Rose bowl parade.  They would certainly be contenders for any sort of international float competition.  Only thing is,  are Dahlia's available in late December? 

Also in the home front, it is Friday, washing cloths, changing the bed, baking corn bread stuffing and considering a tomato, avocado salad a bit later. 

Medical front:  Upped the BP med dosage, need to get more exercise...sigh...

Work proceeds beyond busy,  but we are closing in in a vendor for the electronic health record.   Just imagine, no more chart assembly, no more hunting down of charts, no more copying chart by hand for release of information.  There will be other tasks I am sure and I look forward to playing with new toys.

Friday, August 23, 2013


We ran away to Freddy's today and of course that means we eat at Kum Yon.  Husband loves the Tofu, Mushroom, Broccoli dish.  I like the Lemon chicken. Today he asked for extra sauce.  Yep, they delivered with double sauce and an over flow dish on the bottom.  Yummy!  Husband came close to over dosing on the sauce.  Good work!


Mama Mia!  It has been insanely busy at work,no time for falling asleep in the files.

The other transcriptionist is on VACA this past week and while Kat outsourced as much as possible, my posterior was considerably flattened after a long week of progress notes, histories and physicals and x-rays.  Also last night it was obvious that I would not complete the last ten x-ray reports before it was time to punch out so Kat authorize some OT.
And THEN at7:30 last night JUST before Project Runway's runway, got called in to do a discharge transfer.  I'll catch it on re-run next week.  Oh and NEXT week the very uber busy clerk is on VACA and I would like to know who is going to answer the phones on Monday.  Oh  Won't get much done that day. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Husband went shoppin'

Got a call at work.   We drove downtown to where husband took his dress jacket to get the sleeves altered. The lady had this old 30's waterfall armoire for sale.  Sold!  I have to somehow shoehorn this next to my bed.  This will wait until I get said corner vacated as it is currently occupied with several boxes of Christmas Ornaments....can you say storage? I am thrilled, thanks for shopping, Darling Man!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Annual Kiwanis City Wide Yard Sale

I didn't take my camera so I 'jacked this from the web and must give props this is White Mountain Jig Saw Puzzles.

So we went armed with bags, large hats and a keen eye for a close parking space.

There were over a hundred vendors to browse amongst, sorry Gale no wooden crutches, saw some aluminum ones and passed on those

I purchased a "Double Pashmina" for 15 bucks,made in China teal and gold, nice. I also purchased a very nice antique porcelain lamp, you know the kind grandma used to have(Or maybe I imagined it) of a couple dancing in costume of times long ago, made in Germany, says so on the back.

The hubs found several kitty items, a cute kitty flower pot, black and white salt & pepper shakers, a kitty music box, an American Folk Art kitty picture, a small kitty wearing ice skates.

We were out of there in under two hours and fortunately the very large red truck blocking access to the road had left the premises! Let's boogie!
So home basking in the cool of the house.