Friday, July 26, 2013

Here is the latest installment of the bungalow paint job. How nice!  The sides I can see are now painted a lovely mint green.  I don't normally drive west on this street I routinely back out in the morning and head for work. 

The last time I backed out headed west I accidentally scraped my neighbors big old truck and had to replace the quarter panel and due to a pesky unripe cataract, my depth perception has gone straight to Heck in a Hand basket,so gimme room people.

Anyway back to the sides house.  Yeah, we left the house going west and the west side has a few boards painted white.   Reminds me of a book I read as a youngster,  "Stranger In A Strange Land" by Robert A. Heinlien (Grok that).   One of the characters, Anne, was a professional witness. When she put on her robes, she was ready to witness.  And she would have stated, "The house has two wall that are painted light green."  She could not state what color the other walls were even if she saw them because the color might change logically speaking.  Within the context of the story the Witness was a binding instrument in all sorts of legal issues. 

Makes sense, it is well known that eye witnesses do not always see exactly what happened at a crime scene, accident etc.  For instance the recent plane crash in San Francisco.  Many people said the plane cart wheeled when in fact the video shows the plane flaring up and rotating almost all the way around before coming down facing the end of the runway.

Now for something a little different...

You may have to click on these to get a better picture but they are some of my left over Barrow bus tokens.  Yes, Barrow had a very nice public transportation while I was there, they would stop if you stopped and hand over a token and you could ride all over town.  At any rate there about 15 of them.  Being the fascinating artifacts that they are I think they deserve to be on a belly dancing costume or at least get made into a bracelet or anklet. 

One of my friends makes jewelery and her daughter is learning to Belly dance, so Amanda, get all dressed up, wear these well traveled tokens and dance your little toes off.  And would you friend me?   Face book cannot find you, I know you are out there.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Little house on the block

The paint job on the little house is coming right along. The painter's technique is slow and careful.  He scrapes each board, paints each board white and then paints each board minty green.  Nice.

I watched 12th season of Project Runway last night.  They have a few extra twists this season.  Tim Gunn gets a vote to be used only once.  If he thinks the judges have sent some one home that should stay,Tim can bring them back.

The cast is the usual 16 designers.  I like to see the various looks.  One of the characters is a young man who is all about sustainability.  He told the make up person that no product could be used on his model.
And he rehearsed with his model so that she would act out a little vignette as she walked the run way.  After she heard that she did not get make up, she stomped the runway and did not act out the rehearsed vignette.  She also went barefoot, HE wore the snappy strappy jeweled heels, my dear.  Interesting character but can he deliver a design?

The first challenge was the unconventional materials challenge. They were taken to a small airport and 16 divers jumped out and the designers had to use the parachute silk to make their designs.  It actually turned out pretty cool.  I look forward to this on Thursdays.  Yay!!