Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mockingbird Lane Review..LOVED the show.


I’ll be completely honest, when I first heard about a Munsters reboot, I was pretty dubious, especially since they were going to take the series in a much darker direction. Then I learned that Eddie Izzard was not only cast as Grandpa Munster, but he was completely behind and in support of the project, and that definitely piqued my interest — which waned again upon learning that Jerry O’Connell was to play the lead of Herman Munster. Finally, it was announced that NBC decided not to option the show and were only going to air the pilot as a special in front of a Halloween episode of Grimm. Needless to say, I approached the airing of Mockingbird Lane with a lot of apprehension, not only because I was on the fence as to whether it was going to be good or not, but mainly because if it WAS good, there weren’t going to be any more episodes. Well, this emotional roller coaster finished with my latter fear being fulfilled, and I am rather sad that it is very unlikely we are going to see any more episodes of this wonderful show that really captured the comedic elements of the original, all the while updating it for a modern audience.

As Mockingbird Lane begins, we see a Boy Scout type group of young boys camping in the woods, when they get attacked by a werewolf who we soon learn is young Eddie Munster (Mason Cook) who wakes up in the bushes not knowing what has happened. Days later, in a hope to hide Eddie from the reality of what he is becoming, Marilyn Munster (Charity Wakefield) buys a decrepit house on 1313 Mockingbird Lane (the home of the hobo serial killer, whose victims are still buried inside the walls of the house). As the family settles in, it becomes apparent that Herman and Lily Munster (Jerry O’Connell and Portia de Rossi) are at odds with Grandpa Munster (Eddie Izzard) regarding how they should inform Eddie about the changes he is going through, with Grandpa insisting on telling him the truth, and Herman and Lily wanting to keep him in the dark in order to retain his innocence for a little bit longer. Not to mention that Herman’s (very much the Frankenstein’s monster as in the original) heart is starting to give out, and Grandpa’s idea to fix this problem involves Eddie’s new scout master, who is not only a match for Herman, but also a future tasty morsel for himself as he has decided to start ‘drinking again’. The episode ends with Eddie coming to terms with being a werewolf, being given a pet dragon to watch over him, and a sense of disappointment knowing that we probably won’t see any more of what could have been a really fun and excellent series.
Mockingbird Lane is VERY much the Eddie Izzard show, as he is given the best lines, and definitely comes across as the main character. Anyone who is a fan of his stand up should be familiar with his sarcastic and pitch perfect timing in delivering his one liners, and he delivers here in spades. The rest of the characters are fun and are presented well, and, thankfully, Jerry O’Connell has a muted presence and, ironically, seems very human, in his role.
The writing is sharp and witty with plenty of quotable sound bytes you’ll find yourself repeating days later, the special effects, while nothing spectacular, are pretty good for a basic TV series, and Bryan Singer does a fine job of directing. In short, this show is really fun, interesting and a hell of a lot better than a lot of the crap the networks have spewed out so far this season, so it’s really frustrating that this pilot might be all we ever get to see, as the writers and actors should be given a chance to see where they can go with these characters and story. I have heard that there is a slight chance that the network execs might decide to give the show a second life if the ratings for the one-shot are good, but I’m not putting much faith in that.
Instead, I will very happily visit my DVR every so often to watch what could be a great series, and hope that NBC sells off the rights to SyFy or FX and we get the continuation of the misadventures of what should be America’s new favorite creepy neighbors.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Very odd colorful dream, eesh.


I woke from the most colorful busy dream last night.
I was walking in a largish city that looked familiar. I crossed the road at a green light and avoided traffic as much as possible.

I finally came to a mall, it was very large and again looked familiar. Inside I walked to a food court/entertainment center. I purchased my Chinese dinner (General Tsoa) and sat in a largish booth along with 8 or 9 other diners.
Suddenly there was a line of majestically dressed men wearing costumes of brilliant colors like they wear in certain Italian cities on feast days and toss flags in the air before the horse race. They blew their horns to summon other guests from the mall. Many people came to watch the spectacle.
There was a group of a dozen or so ladies dressed in fancy Medieval style, pointed hats, veils, long dresses and long hair.
I seemed to know the young lady playing the part of the Lady Princess. She had been picked out of the audience and was rehearsing her part and she waved merrily at me. She also wore Medieval dress but her necklace was a gorgeous very high choker made of ruby and diamonds and draped down over the front of her gown.
This assemblage went on for some time as we finished our dinners. Eventually the Lord Prince arrived, there was more rehearsal and then I woke up. Very colorful, dunno know what happened.

Now I am compelled to go to the Dream interpretation site and plug in several words for their meanings; Mall, Rehearsal, Royalty, eating. How very odd.

To see a member of royalty in your dream represents spiritual strength, grace, power,extravagance, as well as ruthlessness. Alternatively, royalty represents your desires of dominating and commanding others. (Oooh ruthlessness oh my,not so much the command part. Ew.)
To see a princess in your dream represents the object of your affections or desires.

To dream that you are at the mall represents your attempts in making a favorable impression on someone. You are trying to establish your identity and sense of self. ( I haven't actually been to a real mall in several years, obviously making no attempt to make a favorable impression on anyone.)

To see food in your dream represents physical and emotional nourishment and energies. (go check out some Oriental literature, take up Kung Foo?   Watch Kung Foo Panda again and weep when the old turtle turns into peach blossoms and floats away? ...oh dear so many choices.

Rehearsal – You are making sure that you know exactly what you need to do.  (well work wise I know exactly what I need to do but that requires about a million bucks, am hoping Power Ball hits. Personal wise I am striving mightily to ignore remaining bits that need fixing on the house (gutters, Trane etc) so. There you go. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Plants, cooking, book storage.

The cactus have blossomed briefly this late summer. Very pretty, no discernible scent, however.

Our holly tree is loaded with berries, they are not quite fire engine red but soon they shall attract a traveling band of Robins who while wintering here will strip the tree bare in an afternoon.

I had the urge to bake some chicken, so I did on a bed of chopped onion, quartered new potatoes, sliced of squash and an orange for flavor. The bird and veggies have since been deboned and are in Ye Olde' Tupperware bowl.

OH yes went to a yard sale today. One of my co-workers is moving to Bend and she had a book shelf that fit nicely in a corner of the dining room.

Then I got a call to go to work, the lone transcriptionist is sick with the flu so I went in for a couple of hours.....I still have one very large box of books and one small box of books.  I would estimate there are 1000 books unlogged at present.